3 Popular Adjustable Voltage Transformers

A few years ago, we wrote a blog post describing 10 uses for adjustable voltage transformers, one of which was using it to obtain the freshest roast of coffee possible. How cool is that?

In the field of circuitry, adjustable voltage transformers are most commonly referred to as autotransformers, or simply ‘Variacs.’ Why is that? Well, in the United States, we often refer to products by the most popular brand instead of what they’re actually called. For example, kleenex and band-aids are used to refer to facial tissues and adhesive bandages. Similar to those, Variac is the brand name of one of the original variable autotransformer or adjustable voltage transformer.  

If you’re looking for an adjustable voltage transformer or a Variac, how do you know which one to get? Don’t worry, we’ve done the research, spoken to customers and put together our top three to help you narrow down the choices.


3.energy saving variac, adjustable voltage transformer

Name: Energy Saving Variac (TDGC2-0.5)

Price: $54.95

Short description: A handy item for any test bench, this Variac autotransformer is extremely efficient and imparts no waveform distortion. Rated at 110 volts input with a variable output voltage between 0 and 130 volts.

Ideal for: anyone who needs a budget bench top adjustable voltage transformer. It’s our most popular Variac for home coffee roasting.


2. variac autotransfomer adjustable voltage transformer

Name: Variac Autotransformer 20 Amp

Price: $99.95

Short description: The bench top Variac is one of the best and most versatile ways to precisely control AC voltage for both experimental and practical applications.

Ideal for: the casual hobbyist, audiophiles, and collectors of vintage electronics. Also very popular for home coffee roasting.


1. variac adjustable voltage transformer

Name: Variac Autotransformer 30 Amp

Price: $129.00

Short description: with its high output of 30 amps, this Variac can be used for a wide array of industrial, laboratory and professional applications like quality control testing, equipment testing for low and high voltage, and precise control over heat, speed, and output.

Ideal for: lab or industrial conditions or the casual hobbyist where the uses of a Variac are surprisingly diverse.


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Remember to consider what projects you’ll be doing when using your adjustable voltage transformer to help you decide which tier to buy. If you can’t decide and want to speak to an expert, contact us and we’d be happy to help. You can email us at any time at sales@circuitspecialists.com or 1-800-528-1417.

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