CSI-MOT-24 Best Multitype Motor Controller


CSI-MOT-24 multitype motor controller is versatile and useful to have during troubleshooting, building prototypes that involve motor control. The CSI-MOT-24 can connect to a stepper motor driver, DC motor driver and can be used as servo motor testing.   

In this article, we will go through the CSI-MOT-24 wiring process with a stepper motor drive system and DC motor drive system. Furthermore, this will demonstrate the versatile of the CSI-MOT-24, especially for the electronic hobbyist community.

Parts list

Multitype Motor Controller: CSI-MOT-24

Stepper Motor Driver: QJ-215

DC Motor Driver: MTD-01

Motor: NEMA 11 Stepper Motor, DC brush motor LS-00027

Power source: You can read Choosing a Stepper Motor Power Supply to choose the right power supply for your application. In my case, I used the 50 Volt DC 3 Amp Linear Bench Power Supply, CSI5003XE.

CSI-MOT-24 connect QJ-215 Stepper Motor Driver 
  1. Connect VC+ and VC- on the CSI-MOT-24 to an 8V power supply. 
  2. Next, connect CP and DIR on the CSI-MOT-24 to the CP and DIR on the stepper motor driver QJ-215 accordingly. 
  3. Connect +5V on the CSI-MOT-24 to the +5V on the QJ-215 to power the driver.
  4. Connect the VCC and GND on the QJ-215 to a 13V power supply.
  5. Finally, make sure to connect all ground wires accordingly. This is crucial for the system operation. 
CSI-MOT-24 connect CSI-MOT-24 DC Motor Driver 

  1. Connect GND on the CSI-MOT-24 to In2 on MTD-01.
  2. Next, Connect IN1 on the CSI-MOT-24 to the In1 on the MTD-01. 
  3. Connect +24V on the CSI-MOT-24 to the ENA on the MTD-01.
  4. Next, supply the MTD-01 with a 24V power source.
  5. Finally, connect the OUT1 and OUT2 to a DC motor such as the LS-00027.

At this point, I hope that I convinced you the CSI-MOT-24 is a versatile testing unit that we found useful during troubleshooting and building prototypes that involve motor control. Especially, the ability to be used as a servo motor testing is underrated. We will cover how to use the CSI-MOT-24 as a servo motor tester in future projects. 

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