Electricity in a Vacuum

Electricity in a vacuum is quite different than electricity flow in Earth’s atmosphere.  Electricity, as you probably know, is the flow of electrons from a higher voltage potential to a lower potential.

If you’ve ever wondered what electricity is like in outer space or a vacuum, you may want to check out Mehdi at Electroboom’s interesting Tesla coil video below.  In the video he creates a very low pressure, vacuum-like environment and puts his tesla coil inside of it.  What happens is pretty interesting!


Even at low voltages, electricity can in fact travel through a perfect vacuum.  At low voltages though electrons flow invisible.  A vacuum arc can occur if the electric field is sufficient to cause field electron emission.

electricity in a vacuum

If you want to see how Mehdi made his vacuum chamber then check out his initial video on how to make a vacuum chamber.  Make sure you do this at your own risk!  As always make sure to stock up on all of your electronics supplies from Circuit Specialists.  Great value products that will save you time!




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