Simple DC Motor Circuit

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. This project will start with a simple DC motor circuit design, however, you can implement this project in other projects such as robotic, electric vehicles, irrigation systems, smart houses, etc.

The theme of the project is Earth Day. We will make a windmill to represent the idea of using nature to sustain energy for a better environment.

Part list

DC motor

Capacitor 100 pF

ON/OFF switch

Battery tray

LED ( optional)

Recycle cardboard box


First, cut out the slot for the DC motor.

Then, cut out a slot for the On/Off switch.

Next, cut out the area for the battery tray.

Now it’s time to wire everything together. The 101 capacitor is very important to keep the motor running smoothly.

I will attach a schematic below for reference.

Finally, glue all of the parts in place.

I used a spare tube as an axial for the windmill propeller.

The final product should look like this.

I will attach a video where we use this in one of our latest video series:


The DC motor circuit is simple and straightforward and is used for many applications such as running water pumps, electric vehicles, robotics, etc. Furthermore, the simplicity of this project is perfect for kids to gain an understanding of some basic electronics and have fun while doing it. This same process can be replicated to make a helicopter, watermill, power tools, etc. Let your imagination be the limit!

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