Introducing the ElectroBoom 101 Kit

Circuit Specialists has teamed up with popular electronics YouTuber ElectroBOOM to create a comprehensive, all-in-one electronics starter kit, ElectroBoom 101 Kit. Which features over 500 electronics components, a cutting-edge 15v powered breadboard with digital displays, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned maker or just starting out with electronics. The ElectroBoom x Circuit Specialists Electronics Kit has everything you need to start prototyping. 

ElectroBoom Partners with Circuit Specialist 

ElectroBoom is a YouTube channel run by Mehdi Sadaghdar that focuses on providing views on electronic theories and experiments. With more than 5.23 million subscribers and 515 million views overall, ElectroBoom is one of the largest Science YouTube channels in the world.  We at Circuit Specialists had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with ElectroBoom to bring you the ElectroBoom101 Kit. Which has everything you need to start circuitry. 

In addition to the new kit, ElectroBoom will also provide a series of electronic theories and experiments that you could replicate using the bundle. 

What Your Kit Includes

We’ve brought together customer favorites—from our easy-to-use handheld multimeter to our popular powered breadboard. Every purchase includes the following: 

  • 15V powered solderless breadboard with 2390 tie-points,  2 LCD digital displays, and adjustable power
  • Handheld digital multimeter tester with AC/DC voltmeter and 2 test probes
  • Wire jumper kit with 325 pre-cut and pre-formed 22 AWG wire
  • 275-piece essential electronic components kit
  • 2 Electroboom vinyl stickers

Plus, the first 10 orders include a blue silicone work mat! 

Finally, to discover more about this kit’s full capabilities, check out the ElectroBoom X Circuit Specialists 101 Electronic Kit product page or contact us for more info

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