Let’s Fourth Of July 2022 Circuit Specialists Style!

We want to celebrate the Fourth Of July 2022 Circuit Specialists Style. Especially during one of the biggest holidays in the USA. We will show you step by step how to paint the USA flag on one of our most popular items, rack-mount enclosure 37-3U.

Table of Content
  • What is a rack-mount enclosure?
  • How to paint the USA flag? Not that Simple!
  • Conclusion
What is a rack-mount enclosure?

A rack-mount enclosure is an enclosure that could be used to house electronic projects. The enclosure is also designed so that it can then be slid into a Rack Cabinet Enclosure. The rack mount enclosures could also use to organize standard telecommunications equipment. Often, this equipment already includes removable mounting brackets that fasten to the vertical rack rails inside rack mount enclosures.

Rack mount enclosures are used to use to organize your testing equipment. However, these rackmounts are very popular in the cryptal mining world.

How to paint the USA flag? Not that Simple!

Make some basic marking to visualize the layout.

I use this ruler to divide the space up equally.

Sand and paint the primer on the rack mount enclosure’s surface.

Divide the box again using the same method.

Make the spacing for the stars.

If you use the ruler to divide the spacing, you can also use it to make the tape the same size.

Cover all the areas that are not supposed to be painted red because we are going to paint the red stripes.

Take your time and go over it a couple of times.

Peel the tape to see the result. Repeat the previous step if you want to touch up the white stripes.

Apply the stars on the correct marking. I applied 2 layers just to make sure the paint doesn’t leak through.

Cover the area that you don’t want to paint over.

Wait until the paint dries completely. This is a very important factor because you don’t want to damage the blue area. There will be a video below showing how to complete this step correctly.

My Favorite Part of the whole build.

This is the rack-mount enclosure 37-3U final look.


Fourth of July is one of the biggest Holidays in the US, Americans celebrate our Declaration of Independence. On this day, we usually gather with family and other members, eat, drink, and celebrate with each other. These rack mount enclosures can also be used as a fireworks control or your first mining geek, the metal structure will provide a solid foundation for any of your projects.

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