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  • CEL Power8 Workshop $329.00 with Free Shipping!!*

    We want to make sure you always have the right tools for the job, wherever you go. That's why we're offering you a super compact, portable, quality toolshed. That's right, all the power tools you need are in one multi-purpose, totally functional box.
  • Siglent SDS5000X Series Special!!

    Limited time Special!!!!

    From August 1, 2021 until September 30, 2021 Siglent will provide a free bandwidth upgrade to the following SDS5000X series oscilloscopes: SDS5032X and SDS5034X (350 MHz) and the SDS5052X and SDS5542X 500 MHz oscilloscopes.

  • 50 Years of Circuit Specialists!!

    Simply smart circuitry since 1971.

    Our Mission:

    Bringing electronic products to the STEM community at an excellent value is the mission our founders undertook 50 years ago and one we strive for every day. By leveraging our technology and sourcing expertise we provide our customers access to tools and technologies that might otherwise be unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

  • Local Curbside Pickup

    Attention loacal Circuit Specialists Cuustomers

    The pandemic has led us to change our local sales model. We no longer have a retail sales counter, but we are now offering a WILL CALL / CurbSide Pickup procedure for local sales.

    Simply place your order online and select the WILL CALL option on the billing address page of the check out screens or call us with your shopping cart number.

  • Hantek 2D72
    70 MHz Oscilloscope/DMM/AWG

    The new CSI-2D72 packs tons of features including a 70MHz Oscilloscope, Multimeter, and Waveform Generator. Includes a protective case. Just $234.59
  • New Digital Variacs

    Introducing new digital variacs with meters featuring +-1V accuracy. $101.23 plus free shipping.
  • Programmable DC Power Supplies, 0-30 Volt & 0-5 Amp

    This switching power supply features 3 memory channels for voltage and current settings for only $84.39.
  • Free Gift Promotion.

    As a special thanks to our customers, Circuit Specialists is offering a free gift with orders over $50, excluding shipping costs and the value of the gift itself. Follow the link below for more information.