Siglent Oscilloscopes: Comparing the X-Series Oscilloscopes from Siglent

Siglent oscilloscopes have one key advantage over the competition, they have the best price point you can find for a premium set of features and specifications. The newest X-Series of Siglent Oscilloscopes are are also the most feature rich oscilloscopes available from Siglent. The previous lines such as the CFL, CML+, and DL+ series are lower priced but not quite as feature rich. The main advantages of the X-Series oscilloscopes over the other older versions are the deeper memory depths, generally more than 7Mpts and the upgraded SPO and touch-screen capabilities (on some models).


SDS1000X Series 100MHz & 200MHz with 2 or 4 analog channels

The SDS1000X series really hits the nail on the head in terms of features and price. One of the most popular Siglent oscilloscope models is the SDS1202X-E for Some of the features we’ve heard customers speak most highly of about Siglent oscilloscopes are the accessories that can be included with the Oscilloscpes such as software add-ons such as the 25MHz Function Generator add-on to the SDS1000X series oscilloscopes for just $109 for the software and $159 for corresponding the hardware. These options can also be unlocked via a software key after your purchase if you are hesitant on whether you’ll need the function generator, MSO Software & corresponding Logic Probe.

SDS2000X and SDS5000X Series 70-1GHz with 2 or 4 analog channels and up to 5GSa/s

The SDS2000X and SDS5000X series oscilloscopes from Siglent really challenge the big names in test equipment. The features and specs are extremely competitive for the price points as compared to more costly models from Teledyne LeCroy, Tektronix, Rigol, Agilent, and Keysight. One example of the enormous value the SDS5000X series creates is on the 1GHZ model. Comparing the SDS5104X 1GHz 4Ch Siglent Oscilloscope which runs $7,289 MSRP to a somewhat equivalent Teledyne LeCroy HDO4104A $18,028 MSRP you see that you can save over 50% going with a Siglent alternative. Not to mention we’ve heard feedback from some long-time oscilloscope users that the specs and usability of Siglent oscilloscopes actually outweigh their Tektronix, Agilent, and Keysight equivalents. There’s a reason that Siglent Technologies has been growing over 50% year over year. They really push the envelope with Siglent oscilloscope upgrades year after year and they certainly will have an impact on the test equipment world for years to come.

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