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The Best Combination oscilloscope and multimeter with AWG for techs on-the-go

Ever wanted to get a cleaner bench to work on your projects on a cruise control? Then it's about time you got rid of various devices and replace them with one unit that does the work of many. Get the combination oscilloscope and multimeter with included AWG, the Hantek2D72!

Having a lightweight 70 MHz combination oscilloscope and multimeter with colored LCD screen with clear waveform display fit to use anytime under the sun or indoors is already amazing as it is, but getting excellent additional functions such as waveform generator and digital multimeter all-in-one handheld unit for around $200 is just off the charts!

The Hantek2D72 70 MHz Oscilloscope, Waveform Generator & Digital Multimeter is a next-generation tool that can keep up with most if not all of your technical and engineering needs. It's a 70 MHz oscilloscope with 250M Sampling Rate, an arbitrary waveform generator, and a highly accurate digital multimeter that can measure AC/DC voltage/current, resistance, diode, capacitance, and on-off test.

It's powered by 18650 lithium batteries that could go a full-day work so it's extremely portable and safe. Electroboom found it quite useful in testing voltage and current in his How Safe Is the SHOWER HEAD OF DOOM?! video. Since it can do the job of three, you wouldn't have to keep tons of devices on your bench to work on any projects. Needless to say, it's the perfect rig for technicians on the go!

The Hantek 2D72 is one of our top sellers and has seen an extremely low rate of return. With hundreds of units sold, only a minor scratch on one unit has ever been reported. It also was recently upgraded to include two oscilloscope probes as standard. It comes in a rugged silicon protective cover or in a 45-1Y Hard Protective Case CSI-2D72 to ensure perfect condition.

combination multimeter and oscilloscope

We brought in plenty to be sure we have more than enough to accommodate your order. We are the only US authorized reseller and we sell all of our Hantek products with an extended warranty and US support. Stay tuned for further updates on this revolutionary combination oscilloscope and multimeter with AWG.

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