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Siglent SDG1050 50MHz DDS Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Item no. SDG1050

Siglent SDG1050 50MHz DDS Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Item no. SDG1050
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SIGLENT SDG1050 Review & Features

Professional Performance at a reasonable price. Shipped and Supported from the USA

3 Year limited warranty

The SDG1050 Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator is a terrific addition to the SIGLENT family of arbitray waveform generators.  The ergonomic friendly design features a 3.5 inch TFT-LCD display; Built-in Chinese/English language selector; Online help function; Support for USB and internal storage to facilitate file management; Special connection terminal for grounding. The SIGLENT SDG1050 utilyzes DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) technology and provides many technical advantages over older analog Function/Waveform generators including much improved  frequency agility, improved phase noise and more precision when controlling the output phase across frequency switching transitions. 

Arbitrary Waveform Generation Capabilities:

The SDG1050 generates 14-bit 16kpts arbitrary output waveforms, Arbitrary editing software (EasyWave) provides 9 standard waveforms: Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, ExRise, Exponential Fall, Sinc, Noise and DC, which meets all engineers’ basic needs; Develop your  own waveforms using EasyWave drawing software with your computer mouse.  Supports point-to-point line segment drawing and arbitrary point drawing.making it easy to create complex waveforms. Multi-file screen management helps users  edit multiple-waveforms simultaneously. It provides 10 Storage locations in non-volatile RAM. You can edit and store more waveforms on your PC by using EasyWave.


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Main Features:

  • DDS technology, dual-channel output. Outputs are completely independent with adjustable phase shift.
  • 125MSa/s sample rate, 14bit vertical resolution.
  • 5 types of standard output waveforms, built-in 48 arbitrary waveforms.
  • Complete set of modulation functions: AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWM, linear/logarithmic sweep, burst.
  • Abundant input/output: waveform output, ‹ Synchronous signal output, External modulation source input, 10MHz clock input, external trigger input, internal trigger output etc. 
  • Channel coupling and duplication function 
  • Built-in accurate frequency counter enables user to measure frequencies up to 200MHz (single channel) 
  • Standard interfaces: USB Device, USB Host, 
  • High precision clock
  • Supplied with powerful arbitrary editing software (EasyWave)
  • Remote control support

Arbitrary waveform output:

Built-in 48 arbitrary waveforms, including math, engineering and other commonly-used waveforms.

Complete set of modulation functions, sweep output, burst output.

  • Complete set of modulation functions: AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWM, the modulation waveform can be observed directly, which it is desirable for education and training sessions;
  • Sweep output: varies output frequency from start frequency to stop.  Sweep time range: 1ms~500s. The carrier can be Sine, Square, Triangle and Arbitrary waveforms. 
  • Burst output: It can periodically generate pulse sequences. Internal counter and external control signal are available to control burst output.

Dual-channel Synchronization:

Duplicating function 

  • Channel coupling: after setting the primary channel and coupling frequency/phase differences, the frequency/phase of the second channel will change in relation to the primary channel, maintaining the frequency /phase difference .
  • Channel duplicating: allows user to duplicate parameters from one channel to the other.

Built-in frequency counter:

Wide frequency range: 0.1Hz~200MHz. Measurable parameters: frequency, period, duty-cycle, positive pulse width, negative pulse width Ssetting: Adjustable parameters include DC/AC coupling, trigger level and high frequency rejection.


  • Maximum output frequency: 50MHz 
  • Output channels: 2 
  • Sample rate: 125MSa/s 
  • Arbitrary waveform length: 16kpts 
  • Frequency resolution: 1μHz 
  • Vertical resolution: 14bits 
  • Waveforms: Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Gaussian Noise. 48built-in arbitrary waveforms(include DC)
  • Modulation: AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWM, Sweep, Burst
  • Frequency counter Range: 100mHz~200MHz
  • Standard interface: USB Host & Device
  • Dimension: Width x Height x Depth=229mm x 105mm x 281mm

Frequency Specifications:

  • Waveforms: Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise, Arbitrary 
  • Sine: 1μHz ~ 50MHz
  • Square: 1μHz ~ 25MHz
  • Pulse : 500μHz ~ 5MHz
  • Ramp/Triangular: 1μHz ~ 300kHz
  • Gaussian white noise: 50MHz (-3dB)
  • Arbitrary: 1μHz ~ 5MHz 
  • Resolution: 1μHz 
  • Accuracy: Within 90daysv±50ppm within 1 year ±100ppm 18°C~28°C 
  • Temperature coefficient: <5ppm/°C

Sine Spectrum Purity:

  • DC~1MHz -60dBc 
  • 1MHz~5MHz -53dBc 
  • 5MHz~25MHz -35dBc 
  • 25MHz~50MHz -32dBc 
  • Total harmonic waveform distortion ( Channel 1 & Channel 2)  DC~20kHz,1Vpp<0.2% 
  • Spurious signal(non-harmonic) 
    • DC~1MHz<-70dBc 
    • 1MHz~10MHz<-70dBc+6dB/spectrum phase
  • Phase noise 10kHz Offset,–108dBc/Hz(typical value)


  • Rise/fall time <12ns(10% ~ 90%) 
  • Overshoot <5%(typical,1kHz,1Vpp) 
  • Duty Cycle
    • 1μHz ~10MHz 20%~80% 
    • 10MHz(exclude)~20MHz 40%~60% 
    • 20MHz(exclude))~25MHz 50% 
  • Asymmetric(50% Duty Cycle) 1% of period+20ns(typical,1kHz,1Vpp) 
  • Jitter 0.1% of period(typical,1kHz,1Vpp)


  • Linearity <0.1% of Peak value output(typical,1kHz,1Vpp,100% symmetric) 
  • Symmetry 0%~100%


  • Pulse width 1800s, Max. 16 ns, Min. 8 ns resolution 
  • Rise/Fall time (10% ~ 90%,typical,1 kHz,1Vpp) 7ns 
  • Duty Cycle 0.1%Resolution 
  • Overshoot <5% 
  • Jitter(pk-pk) 8ns


  • Waveform length 16k points 
  • Vertical resolution 14bits 
  • Sample rate 125MSa/s 
  • Min. Rise/Fall time 7ns(typical) 
  • Jitter(pk-pk) 8ns(typical) 
  • Storage in non-volatile RAM memory (10 in total): 10 waveforms

Output Specifications:

  • Output Amplitude:
    • CH1:
      • 2mVpp~10Vpp(50Ω,≤10MHz)
      • 2mVpp~5Vpp(50Ω,>10MHz)
      • 4mVpp~20Vpp(high
      • impedance,≤10MHz)
      • 4mVpp~10Vpp(high
      • impedance,>10MHz)
    • CH2
      • 2mVpp~3Vpp(50Ω)
      • 4mVpp~6Vpp(high impedance)
  • Vertical accuracy (100 kHz sine)
    • CH1 ±(0.3dB+1mVpp of setting value)
    • CH2 ±(0.3dB+1mVpp of setting value)
  • Amplitude flatness (compared to 100 kHz sine,5Vpp) ±0.3 dB
  • Channel phase deviation <400ps (classic value,sine,50MHz,4vpp) 
  • Cross talk <-70dBc 

DC Offset:

  • Range(DC) 
    • CH1 ±5V(50Ω) ±10V(high impedance) 
    • CH2 ±1.5V(50Ω) ±3V(high impedance)
  • Offset accuracy
    • CH1 ±(|setting offset value|*1%+3mV) 
    • CH2 ±(|setting offset value|*1%+3mV

Waveform Output:

  • Impedance: 50Ω(typical)
  • Protection: short-circuit protection

AM Modulation (CH1/CH2):

  • Carrier Sine, Square, Ramp, Arbitrary(except DC) 
  • Source Internal/External 
  • Modulation waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, Noise, Arbitrary (2mHz ~ 20kHz) 
  • Modulation depth 0% ~ 120% 

FM Modulation (CH1/CH2):

  • Carrier Sine, Square, Ramp, Arbitrary(except DC) 
  • Source Internal/External 
  • Modulation waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, Noise, Arbitrary(2mHz~20kHz) 
  • Frequency deviation 0 ~0.5*bandwidth 10μHz resolution 

PM Modulation (CH1/CH2):

  • Carrier Sine, Square, Ramp, Arbitrary(except DC) 
  • Source Internal/External 
  • Modulation waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, Noise, Arbitrary(2mHz~20kHz) 
  • Phase Deviation 0~360° ,0.1°Resolution 

FSK Modulation (CH1/CH2):

  • Carrier Sine, Square, Ramp, Arbitrary(except DC) 
  • Source Internal/External 
  • Modulation waveform 50% duty-cycle square waveform(2mHz~50kHz)

ASK Modulation (CH1/CH2):

  • Carrier Sine, Square, Ramp, Arbitrary(except DC) 
  • Source Internal/External 
  • Modulation waveform 50%duty-cycle square waveform(2mHz~50kHz) 
PWM Modulation (CH1/CH2):
  • Frequency 500μHz~20kHz 
  • Source Internal/External 
  • Modulation waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, Arbitrary(except DC) 
  • External Modulation range -6V~+6V (maximum width deviation) 

Sweep (CH1/CH2):

  • Carrier Sine, Square, Ramp, Arbitrary(except DC) 
  • Type: linear/logarithmic
  • Direct: Up/down
  • Sweep time 1ms~500s 
  • Trigger source: Manual, external, internal

Burst (CH1/CH2):

  • Waveform Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Arbitrary(except DC) 
  • Type: Count(1~50,000 periods),infinite, Gated
  • Start/Stop phrase 0°~+360°
  • Internal period 1μs~500s
  • Gated source: External trigger
  • Trigger source: Manual, External or Internal

Rear Panel Connector:

  • External modulation: ±6V=100% modulation>5kΩ input impedance 
  • External trigger: TTL compatible 
  • Note: The external input voltage can’t be over ±6V, otherwise instrument gets damaged.

Trigger Input:

  • Input Level: TTL compatible 
  • Slope: Rising Edge/Falling Edge
  • Pulse width >100ns 
  • Input impedance >5kΩ,DC coupling 

Trigger Output:

  • Voltage level TTL compatible 
  • Pulse width >400ns
  • Output impedance 50Ω (typical)
  • Max. frequency 1MHz 

SYNC Output:

  • Voltage level: TTL compatible
  • Pulse width >50ns 
  • Output impedance 50Ω(typical)
  • Max. frequency 2MHz

Frequency Counter:

  • Measurement: Frequency, Period, Positive/negative pulse width, duty cycle
  • Frequency range: Single Channel:100mHz~200MHz
  • Frequency resolution: 6bits/s 

Manual DC Coupling:

  • DC offset range ±1.5VDC
  • 100mHz~100MHz: 50mVrms~±2.5V
  • 100MHz~200MHz 100mVrms~±2.5V

Manual AC coupling:

  • 1Hz~100MHz 50mVrms~5Vpp 
  • 100MHz~200MHz 100mVrms~5Vpp 

Pulse width and duty-cycle measurement:

  • 1Hz~10MHz(50mVrms~5Vpp) 

Input adjustment:

  • Input impedance 1M ohm
  • Coupling mode AC,DC 
  • High-frequency rejection ON/OFF 

Trigger level range:

  • -3V~ +1.8V

General Specification:

  • Display 
    • Display type 3.5inch’TFT-LCD 
    • Resolution 320×RGB×240 
    • Color depth 24bit 
    • Contrast Ratio 350:1(typical) 
    • Luminance 300cd/m2(typical)
  • Power
    • Voltage
      100~240 VACRMS, 45~66Hz,CATII  
    • Consumption <30W
    • Fuse 1.25A,250V
  • Environment 
    • Temperature
    • Humidity range 
      Below +35?:≤90% relative humidity
      +35?~+40?:≤60% relative humidity 
    • Altitude 
      Operation: below 3,000 meters 
      Storage: below 15,000 meters
  • Dimension
    • Width: 9 1/64th" (229mm)
    • Height: 4 9/64th" (105mm) 
    • Depth: 11 1/16th" (281mm)
  • Weight
    • N.W: 2.6Kg
    • G.W: 3.4Kg

Users Manual 


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