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Siglent SDG805 5MHz Arbitrary Function Generator

Item no. SDG805
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Siglent SDG805 5MHz Arbitrary Function Generator

Item no. SDG805
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Siglent SDG805 5MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator  125MSa/S, 16Kpts

Shipped & Supported from the USA 

Siglent SDG805 Review:

The Siglent SDG805 Funtion/Arbitrary Waveform Generator has a maximum output frequency of 10MHz through a single ouput channel and a 125MSa/s sampling rate. This model features Siglents  innovative EasyPulse technology. The SDG805 is a bench type signal generator that is ideal for research, training and product design. This model features  5 kinds of built in  standard waveforms and 46 kinds of arbitrary waveforms (including DC). This is a powerful bench type tool with features well ahead of the market in this price class.

3 Year limited warranty



  • Single Channel output: 5 standard waveforms, 46 arbitrary waveforms including DC
  • Advanced DDS technology design. 125MSa/s sampling rate and 14-bit vertical resolution
  • Modulation Functions: FSK,ASK,AM, DSB-AM, PWM, PM, linear/logarithmic sweep and burst
  • Siglents "EasyPulse" technology: low jitter output pulse and quick rising/falling edge
  • Interfaces: USB Device, USB Host, Supporting U-Disk storage and future sw updates
  • Configurable with powerful EasyWave arbitrary waveform editing software
  • 10 nonvolatile storage spoaces for end users defined arbitrary waveforms


  • Maximum Output Frequency: 5MHz
  • Output Channels: 1
  • Sampling Rate:  125MSa/s
  • Wave Length: 16kpts
  • Frequency Resolution: 1uHz
  • Vertical Resolution 14 bits
  • Waveforms:  Sine,Square, Pulse, Ramp, Gaussian White noise, Arbitrary Waveforms: 46 types of built in arbitrary waveforms
  • Sine Wave:  1uHz to 5MHz
  • Square Wave: 1uHz to 5 MHz
  • Pulse:  500uHz to 5MHz
  • Ramp/Triangular: 1uHz to 300 KHz
  • Gaussian white noise: >10MHz bandwidth (-3dB)
  • Arbitrary Waveform: 1uHz to 5 MHz
  • Modulation Function:  FM, AM, PM, DSB-AM, ASK, FSK, PWM, Sweep, Burst
  • Standard Configuration:  USB host & USB Device
  • Amplitude( high resistance): 4mVpp to 20Vpp (HighZ), 2mVpp to 10Vpp (50 ohm)  

Accessories: Power cord, USB cable, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, EasyWave arbitrary waveform editing software, a BNC to double alligator clip wire

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