Air Dusters



Air Dusters

Circuit Specialists stocks MG Chemicals' affordable super air dusters (compressed air cans or canned air for electronics), refill canisters, and chrome-plated trigger valves for your electronics needs. 

Super duster, MG Chemical’s superior canned air duster, is perfect for removing microscopic dust, lint, and foreign particles — making it suitable for cleaning computers, keyboards, printers, A/V equipment, and much more. 

Our chrome-plated trigger valves (used with refill canisters) allow you to have precision control and greater comfort. These valves are easily screwed onto duster cans and can be removed anytime.

What is a Compressed Air Duster?

Compressed air dusters use small blasts of pressurized gas to remove dust and specs of debris from surfaces. Also called canned air dusters or duster spray, compressed air cans are primarily designed for electronics or surfaces that cannot be cleaned by usual methods like water or cloth. 

Compressed air dusters usually come in small cans with long, thin nozzles. To use, just aim the nozzle at the area you want to dust, press the trigger, and a blast of compressed gas will whisk away microscopic dust, lint, and foreign particles.

Contrary to its name, compressed air dusters come in cans that aren’t actually filled with air (O2 or N2) but instead are filled with other types of gasses, such as HFC-152a or HFC-134a. These gasses can be toxic to humans and the environment, so air dusters should be used sparingly with caution. 

Common Uses for Compressed Air Cans

Canned air dusters or duster sprays are primarily made for electronics or sensitive surfaces that would be damaged by liquid cleaners and other dusting methods. 

For this reason, you might hear air dusters referred to as electronics air duster or computer duster, since they’re commonly used on PCs and computer keyboards. 

However, air dusters can be used more generally on any electromechanical equipment, including camera lenses, coffee grinders, TV screens, audio devices, printers, and more. 

How to Use a Compressed Air Duster

First and foremost, always follow the instructions included with your air duster. In general, the instructions for using a compressed air duster or gas duster will be similar: Insert the nozzle and, while holding the can upright, spray for 3 to 5 seconds the surface you intend to dust. 

Keep in mind the following:

ALWAYS use the air duster in an upright position. If you use the air duster while it’s tilted more than 40 degrees (or, worse, upside down), liquid gas might leak from the nozzle. This white liquid material is extremely cold and can cause frostbite.

NEVER shake a compressed air duster.  Shaking the canned air duster can also cause the liquid gas inside to leak or expel from the nozzle, which can damage surfaces and humans nearby.

Dust in short 3 to 5 second intervals. It’s better to dust in short bursts at room temperature. Holding the nozzle too long can reduce the pressure of the can, resulting in less efficient blasts of air. 

Empty canned air before disposing.  Ensure the compressed air duster is completely empty before recycling or throwing away. You might also want to research your local laws and services around hazardous waste disposal and follow your county or city’s recommendations. 


Note: Many chemical products, including any aerosol sprays and flammable liquids, must be shipped by ground service only and can not be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii or any overseas US territories or foreign countries.