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Array 3720A DC Electronic Load

Item no. CSI3720A

Array 3720A DC Electronic Load

Item no. CSI3720A
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250 Watt, 0-80 Volt and 0-30 Amp Programmable DC Electronic Load

Like most Circuit Specialists products, the Array 3720A is shipped and supported from the USA.

The ARRAY 3720A DC Electronic Load provides an adaptable and functional test system whenever power sources need to be tested. The ARRAY 3720A programmable DC load is designed to provide high reliability, terrific performance and easy operation. Multiple functionality is designed in to make this DC electronic load an asset in any setting where power supplies, batteries or any power source must be tested under load. The 24 bit A/D and 17 bit D/A converters incorporated into the design provide this load with greatly enhanced setting and measurement resolution. 100kHz D/A conversion rate greatly enhances high-speed performance. The Array 3720A provides up to 30 amps and up to 80 volts up to a maximum input of 250 watts. Array is also a preferred Circuit Specialists supplier. They have provided superior design, excellent build quality and quality engineering for many years. Circuit Specialists provides Array branded product and in some cases, we provide Array products branded with the Circuit Specialists label.


The Array 3720A DC Programmable Electronic Load is the ideal DC Load for all of your power source testing needs. This electronic load is easily controlled from the front panel keypad or rotary control knob, or with software through the serial port or USB port from a personal computer. You can control and acquire data from the electronic load via USB port with the addition of an RS-232 to USB null modem adapter. Designed to be easy to use, offer maximum flexibility and still highly reliable; the 3720A programmable DC load is an excellent choice. This unit operates on standard 115VAC input or can be switched to take a 220VAC input via rear panel selector switch.

The Array 3720A programmable load has four basic functions for test programs: constant current, up to 30 amps; constant voltage, up to 80 volts, constant resistance and constant power, up to 250 watts. The constant resistance mode utilizes improved circuitry to enhance the dynamic response which widens the application scope. The constant power mode allows testing of voltage sources, current sources, and effectively can prevent a short-circuit if insufficient test power is used. These four functions allow eight basic test modes: constant current, low; constant current, high; constant resistance, low, medium and high range; constant power, voltage source mode and current source mode. Beyond these standard tests, there are a few auxilliary functions that allow more specific testing: high speed sequencing, high speed transient, short circuit, and battery discharge.

Array 3720A Specifications

  • Four basic functions: CC, CV, CR and CP
  • Eight basic test modes: CPC, CPV, CRH, CRM, CRL, CV, CCH, CCL
  • Minimum operating voltage is less than 0.6V at the load's full rated current
  • Features High speed sequence, high speed transient, short-circuit battery discharge and other additional auxiliary functions
  • Programmable current slew rate
  • Perfect protection for high reliability in the most complicated of test situations
  • Multiple groups of settings and lists can be saved and recalled
  • Terrific ruggedized build quality
  • SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation) is supported
  • Labview is supported
  • Inputs: 1
  • Input Voltage: 0~80V
  • Input Current: 0~30A
  • Input Power: 0~250W
  • Ripple: 5 mVrms
  • Voltage Accuracy: 0-80V: ±0.1%+10mV
  • Current Accuracy:
    • 0-4A: ±0.1%+5mA
    • 0-30A: ±0.1%+10mA
  • Maximum Resolution:
    • Voltage: 1 mV
    • Current: 0.1mA
  • Minimum Conductive Resistance: < 0.02 ohm
  • Protection: Over voltage/Over current/Over power/Over temperature/Reverse Polarity
  • Interface: RS232& USB (GPIB Interface is optionally available)
  • AC Input: 110V +/-15%, 48~63Hz (switchable)
  • Operating environment: 0~50deg C, 85% RH
  • Dimensions: 414mm Wide x 110mm High x 226mm Deep
  • Standard Accessories: Power cord, users manual, USB adapter cable
  • Optional GPIB (IEEE-488) Interface available

For additional information, refer to the Array 3720A's Owner's ManualUsers Manual.

For assistance getting started, refer to theArray 372X Series SCPI programming guide.

Helpful Links

Here you can download the LabView source code V1.0.

You can update the Array 3721A's firmware, here.

For more information on the many uses of an electronic load check out this link to the CS blog.

Here you can download the Calibration Instructions.


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