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Mastech 4.5-Digit True-RMS Autoranging Bench Digital Multimeter

Item no. CSIMS8040

Mastech 4.5-Digit True-RMS Autoranging Bench Digital Multimeter

Item no. CSIMS8040
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Mastech 4.5-Digit True-RMS Autoranging Bench Digital Multimeter

This is a Super Value for a Bench Top Digital Multimeter (DMM). True RMS and it's loaded with the features and specifications of higher end units, but at a very modest price. Another example of how Circuit Specialists works hard to find and bring more value to your hard earned dollar!


  • Designed to International safety standard IEC61010-1 CATII 1000V/CATII 600V
  • Digital & Analog display, 22000 count and 44 segment bar graph
  • Autorange and manual range
  • True RMS for AC voltage & Current
  • RS-232 standard interface and PC Windows software
    (Note: a optional USB to RS-232 interface is required for USB connection)
  • Data hold, Max/Min, relative measurement
  • AC voltage, AC current peak measurement
  • AC voltage, AC current with 1KHz low pass filter
  • Voltage/current linear frequency measurement
  • Logic frequency/duty cycle measurement
  • Diode & continuity test
  • Temperature measurement
  • Resistance measurement
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Power source: AC or DC supply
  • Manufacturer: Precision Mastech
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • DC Voltage: 220mV/2.2V/22V/220V/1000V ±0.05%
  • AC voltage TRMS: 220mV/2.2V/22V/220V/700V ±0.6%
  • DC current: 220uA/2200uA/22mA/220mA ±0.2% /10A ±0.5%
  • AC current: 220uA/2200uA/22mA/220mA ±0.3% /10A ±2%
  • Resistance: 220Ω/2.2KΩ/22KΩ/220KΩ/2.2MΩ ±0.3% /22MΩ/220MΩ ±1.0%
  • Capacitance:22n/220n/2.2u/22u ±1.5% /220uF/2200uF/22mF/220mF ±3%
  • Logic Frequency: 220Hz/ 2.2KHz/22KHz/220KHz/2.2M/22M/220M ±0.1%
  • Temperature: -30° - 1000°C ±2°C (-22° - 1832°F)

Users Manual 

Driver CD  ISO format

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