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Circuit Board Heater from BlackJack SolderWerks

Item no. BK7000

Circuit Board Heater from BlackJack SolderWerks

Item no. BK7000
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BlackJack SolderWerks BK7000 InfraRed Circuit Board Heater

* Note: Hot Air gun shown but not included. 

Reworking system for game consoles, motherboards etc.

The BlackJack BK7000 Pre-heating system uses a high powered quartz infrared heating technology for fast heat up, This circuit board heatter also includes an adjustable hot air gun mount which is compatible with all of the BlackJack & Circuit Specialists brands of hot air systems as well as many other industry standard hot air systems.

A versatile board holder and temperature probes make the BK7000 ideal for reworking double-sided diverse technology printed circuit boards that were fabricated with traditional or lead free solder.

This pcb heater has three types of preheating operations.

  • Type 0 for regular pre-heating or baking.
  • Type 1 for more precise temperature control using the external probes
  • Type 2 for a fully automated time and temperature based profile mode 
(Note that the board holder has changed from the images above. Plese see the images at the top of the listing for revised images)

Circuit Board Heater Functions & Features:

  • Microprocessor controlled closed loop system design. Sensors may be attached to user selected locations on the board for more accurate temperature feedback.
  • 250mm x 200mm ( approx 10” x 8”) pre-heating area utilyzing quart IR heating technology. Minimizes warping on larger sized boards.
  • Two flexible external temperature probes for precise control and monitoring of actual board temperatures. The sensor design enables the user to monitor both the top and bottom board temperatures while adjusting the internal heater temperatures.
  • CPU controlled Profile adjustment functionality for automated reworking tasks under user defined time & temperature settings.Uses advanced digital controls and signal processing for beter perfoprmance, accuracy and safety.
  • Programmable 6 segment reworking profile. Set and store the desired duration and temperature for repetetive reworking tasks.
  • Software pre-set temperature limits and shutdown feature to protect agains overheating and operator errors.
  • ESD safe. Compatible with traditional solder and lead free solder.
  • Innovative board holder. Specially designed to fit various board sizes and shapes.

Circuit Board Heater Specifications:

  • Power input: 110VAC
  • Power: 850 W (maximum)
  • Dimensions: 345mm(L) x 285mm(W) X 114mm(H)
  • Temp Range: 50 degC – 400 degC
  • Heating Element: IR Heating
  • Preheating Area: 250mm x 200mm ( approx 10” x 8”)

Note: Hot Air gun shown but not included.

Users Manual 

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