Calibrating soldering equipment: How-to calibrate a CSI853B+ Rework Station

In order to properly calibrate the temperature for your CSI853B+ Rework Station, you will require an accurate and precise thermocouple, capable of tolerating up to 500 degrees celsius, and an IR thermometer with at least 2% accuracy C, and at least a maximum temp of 500C. If you don’t already own one, we sell a type K thermocouple, with a range of -14 to 750 degrees celsius, accurate to +/- 1%, with a precision of 1 digit.  Type k thermocouples work well in calibrating soldering equipment of all kinds, not just this post. We also sell an IR Thermometer with the necessary specifications.

The first step in this procedure is to remove the 4 front screws on the CSI853B+ that holds the faceplate to the chassis of the unit.

After you’ve opened the unit, there are two blue trim style potentiometers(pots). The one on the left is used for setting the preheat plate temperature, the other is used for setting the hot air temperature.

To calibrate the hot plate, turn the hot plate on, and set the temperature to 100C while using the IR thermometer to monitor the temp of the preheat plate. If the preheat plate is over the measured temperature, turn the knob clockwise, opposite if other. The same principle for the hot air, if the air is over the measured temp, turn clockwise, opposite if other. Continue this process until it’s within 10 C.

After you’ve finished this step, you’ve finished the calibration of your CSI853B+ Rework Station. Check back for for links, and the continuance of our calibrate soldering equipment HowTo’s.

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