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Mehdi Sadaghdar know as Youtuber Electroboom is showing off a new electronics project in a holiday sweater

ElectroBOOM Hilariously Debunks Another Myth

Mehdi at ElectroBOOM has done it again! This time he's hilariously debunking the electricity tricks of Biba Struja, the battery man. Circuit Specialists supplies Mehdi with many of the test & measurement tools he uses, including the multimeter and 3kW Variac in his latest video.

ElectroBOOM's Fun and Educational Content

Mehdi is an Iranian-Canadian electrical engineer. He often pokes fun at himself, but he actually provides quite impressive educational content while entertaining his audience. One of his early videos features an "electric guitar", a piece of wire that he mounts to a wooden plank and plugs directly into the wall.

As he begins to play, you can imagine what happens, shock and pain! At first glance, he appears to be an entertainer only. But, after watching a couple of his videos, we guarantee you will also learn something new, even you electrical engineers out there.

Electroboom demonstrates electricity flows through people by through an electronics experiment

Proud Electronics Supplies Partner

We have been lucky to partner with him, supplying him with electronics equipment and devices for his videos. Though we worry about him each time, we always look forward to the next hilarious clip!


In his videos, Mehdi sometimes covers other topics, like 3D printing, changing a car tire, and thermal imaging. 

ElectroBOOM aka Mehdi Sadaghdar shows off an soldering project


Electroboom's other insanely funny (yet quite educational) videos can be found on Electroboom's Youtube channel. Stay tuned, he'll always make you laugh, and you'll probably learn a thing or two about electricity in the process.

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