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Quick Guide on How to buy a DC Electronic Load 2022

As the electric vehicle industry grows, the need for testing batteries is higher than ever, so here is the Quick Guide on How to buy a DC Electronic Load 2022. To select a DC electronic load that best fits your desired application, you should first consider the task or tasks that the load is going to be used for.

Table of Content
  • What is a DC Electronic Load?
  • Points to consider when selecting a DC Electronic Load 2022.
  • Different Type of Test Mode to cosider.
  • Conclusion.
What is a DC Electronic Load?

A DC programmable electronic load is a type of instrument that simulates a system working and consuming power. A DC programmable load is used by the power supply, EV battery, or other manufacturers who want to thoroughly test their power sources.

Manufacturers of these products need to test their supplies dynamically. For instance, simulating an EV during operation to demonstrate compliance to quality and safety standards.

Points to consider when selecting a DC Electronic Load 2022
  1. What are the lowest & highest voltage points that you need the DC electronic load to read?
    • Once you have determined which tests you need to perform, you will be ready to select the right DC electronic load. The four major modes of operation for an electronic load are constant current (CV), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR), and constant power (CP).
  2. What is the highest current operating point that the electronic load may need to read?
    • A well-designed electronic load will always control the current. No matter what mode the load is in, it is always controlling the current, which will allow you to set a current level that the DC load will draw regardless of any changes in voltage.
  3. Will the electronic load be testing one unit per test or will you need to test several units?
    • To test multiple units at the same time could increase the price of the unit greatly.

Bonus Features:

  • What kind of other measurements are needed (RMS measurements, digitized, etc.)?
  • Does the DC electronic load have front panel connections? This may be critical to reduce cable drop and increase the accuracy of the electronic load.
  • Can your electronic load be quickly reconfigured for changing applications?
Different Type of Test Mode to cosider

These settings will remain constant unless there is an event that triggers one of the protection modes.

  • Constant resistance (CR) mode allows you to set the resistance value. The load will then adjust the current draw inversely to compensate for any change to the testing voltage.
  • Constant voltage (CV) mode allows you to set a fixed voltage. The electronic load will sink the necessary current to keep the voltage at the set level.
  • Constant power (CP) mode allows you to set the wattage level required for your test, and then the load will adjust the current draw proportionately to compensate for any changes in the voltage.

A DC electronic load 2022 typically includes standard PC interface features including RS-232 and USB (GPIB may also be provided). Using your computer to control and record testing data through an electronic load can help you set the DC load’s control parameters as well as record all events that occur during the testing period.

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