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Programmable DC Electronic Loads

Circuit Specialists carries dependable programmable DC electronic loads for emulating real-world applications while testing. These electronic loads perform better than a conventional ohmic load resistor by dependably keeping constant voltage, resistance, current, and power settings. These high-performance programmable DC electronic loads feature intuitive controls, heavy-duty output terminals, and their backlit LCD displays are clear and easy to read. Electronic loads are a terrific asset in any setting where power supplies, batteries, and other power sources need to be tested under load.

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What is a DC Electronic Load
A programmable DC Electronic Load is essentially a programmable power supply. However, unlike a traditional power supply, a DC Load applies a voltage but it sinks the current rather than sourcing it. This method of reversing the current direction makes a programmable DC Electronic Load “look like” a programmable resistor instead of a programmable voltage source.
This type of equipment is used to emulate DC resistance or provide a load and is normally used to perform functional tests on batteries, power supplies and now becoming popular, solar cells. Since these DC Electronic Loads are programmable, tests such as battery discharge, load regulation curve measurement and transient tests may be fully automated. Load changes for these tests can be made without introducing switching transients that may alter the measurement or operation of the power source being tested.
DC Electronic Load testing systems for sophisticated applications often require special modes of operation such as constant voltage, constant current, constant resistance and constant power.
Array has been producing quality test equipment for many years and MarkL on the EEVBlog forum likes his Array 3723A DC Electronic Load as well as the customer service here at Circuit Specialists.
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