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ChipQuik SMD Removal Kit

Item no. SMD 1

ChipQuik SMD Removal Kit

Item no. SMD 1
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CHIP QUIK® SMD-1 Patented SMD Removal Kit

Removes SMD's Safely & Easily with Chip Quik® & a Soldering Iron.

  • Breakthrough in Surface Mounted Technology!
    • Finally a breakthrough in removing Surface Mounted Devices (SMD's) from printed circuit boards
  • Low Temperature Rework
    • Removes QFP's, PLCC's, SOIC's, and chip components under 300 degrees Fahrenheit... 150C
  • Fast, Safe, Easy to Use
    • Eliminates the need for complex expensive equipment. Learn how to desolder SMD's in minutes
  • No Expensive Tips or Nozzles
    • No need to stock a large inventory of tips and nozzles
  • No Damage to PC Board or Adjacent Components
    • No more--burning of board and chips, lifting pads or lands, reflowing adjacent components, damage to double sided boards, throwing pc boards away because of no reliable removal methods
  • CHIP QUIK® is now used extensively in all sections of the Electronic Industry
    • Consumer, Industrial, Manufacturing, Automotive, Telecommunications, Medical, Avionics, Engineering, Robotics, Prototype, R&D, Aerospace, Communications, Education, Research, Gaming, Government, Hobbyist and more

George Leger, our Tech Guru, demonstrates the SMD removal process from ChipQuik.

SMD-1 Kit Contents:

  • 2.5 ft. CHIP QUIK® Material - Removes 8-10 SMD'S
  • 1 cc Syringe of CHIP QUIK® No Clean Rework Paste Flux
  • Alcohol Pads for Cleanup
  • Complete Instructions for SMD Removal and Cleanup


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