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LS-00019 Breadboard - 830 Tie Points

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LS-00019 OSEPP Solderless Prototyping Breadboard for Electronics - 830 Tie Points

With more than 830 tie-points and color-coordinated for easy component placement, our LS-00019 solderless breadboard is a fantastic tool for both beginner prototyping and professional or advanced application.


  • Dimensions: 2.2″ x 6.5″
  • 1 Terminal Strip, 630 tie points
  • 2 Distribution Strips, 200 tie points
  • Colour coordinated for easy component placement
  • Phosphor bronze-nickel plated spring clips
  • Accepts a variety of wire sizes (20-29 AWG)

1 Terminal Strip with 630 Tie-Points

This half-size breadboard, featuring 830 contact points in all, are ideal for mid-size to large prototyping projects and DIY electronics.

2 Bus Strips with 200 Tie-Points

For ease of use, the 2 power rails clearly indicate blue (-) for ground and red (+) for power.

Durable Copper-Based Spring Contacts

This breadboard uses phosphor bronze nickel-plated spring contacts, a durable copper-based alloy that has fantastic long-term spring properties, is more conductive than steel spring contacts, and can withstand thousands of insertion cycles with no change in connection quality.

Clear Labeling & Color-Coordinated for Ease of Use

The protoboard features a black printed legend, labeling contact points 1-60 lengthwise and A-J along the width. The bus strips are clearly labeled and color-coordinated so you can quickly tell between ground (-) and power (+).

Compatible with Arduino, RaspBerry Pi, and other DIY Electronic Kits

Use this versatile, durable breadboard for a variety of projects and applications, whether you need to supplement an Arduino kit or hook up to a RaspBerry Pi.

Suitable for Large Products

The versatile protoboard is made of industry-standard ABS white plastic and measures 2.2” x 6.5”, just small enough for easy storage but large enough to tackle advanced circuit design and prototyping.

Compatible with Wire Sizes Ranging from 20-29 AWG

You can use a wide range of wire sizes while prototyping on the LS-00019 breadboard. If you don’t have wires, check out our jumper wire kits.


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