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OSEPP Translucent Self-Adhering Breadboard - LS-00051

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OSEPP LS-00051 Translucent Clear Self-Adhesive Breadboard for Electronics - 400 Tie Points

Featuring a slick, clear translucent material and more than 400 tie-points, OSEPP’s LS-00051 solderless breadboard is a fantastic hands-on way to prototype and learn circuit design.


  • 400 tie-in points
  • 0.1" spaced
  • Acceptable wire gauge of 29-20AWG
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 2.1"

1 Terminal Strip with 300 Tie-Points

This half-size breadboard, featuring 400 contact points in all, is ideal for beginners and mid-size circuitry design.

2 Bus Strips with 100 Tie-Points

The 2 power rails span the length of the breadboard and clearly indicate blue (-) for ground and red (+) for power.

Durable Copper-Based Spring Contacts

This breadboard uses phosphor bronze nickel-plated spring contacts, a durable copper-based alloy that has fantastic long-term spring properties, is more conductive than steel spring contacts, and can withstand thousands of insertion cycles with no change in connection quality.

Clear Labeling & Color-Coordinated for Ease of Use

Despite its translucent surface, this protoboard’s color-coordinated bus strips and clearly labeled contact points make using this breadboard a breeze. Contact points are labeled 1-30 lengthwise and A-J along the width and both power rails clearly display a blue line (-) for ground and red line (+) for power.

Self-Adhesive Backing

The breadboard’s adhesive backing makes it easy to mount onto convenient locations and connect to other breadboards.

Translucent Material

The 400-point breadboard stands apart for its clear, translucent appearance, so you can see your circuits hard at work beneath the plastic surface!

Compatible with Arduino, RaspBerry Pi, and other DIY Electronic Kits

Use this versatile, durable protoboard for a variety of projects and applications, whether you need to supplement an Arduino kit or hook up to a RaspBerry Pi.

Compact Size

The versatile, clear self-adhesive breadboard measures 3.2” x 2.1”, ideal for both independent prototyping or as an add-on to larger breadboard projects.

Wire Sizes Ranging 20-29 AWG

You can use a wide range of wire sizes while prototyping on the LS-00051 breadboard. If you don’t have wires, check out our jumper wire kits.


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