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Ferric Chloride Etching Solution, 4 liters - 415-4L

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Ferric Chloride Photoetching Solution for Circuit Prototyping

Prototyping your own circuit boards is a relatively simple process with supplies from Circuit Specialists like MG Chemicals professional etching process kit (416-E) or MG's economy etching process kit (416-ES).

With the right tools, prototyping an etched copper circuit board is a straightforward 5 step process:

  • Using a printable transparency, print your circuit design.
  • After removing the protective covering, secure the transparency from step 1 to a presensitized copper clad circuit board.
  • Expose your circuit board to UV light for at least 10 minutes (sunlight works).
  • Set your exposed circuit board into a bath of developer for 1-2 minutes and agitate gently (be sure to wear gloves, these chemicals are corrosive).
  • Set your developed circuit board into the Ferric Chloride Photoetching Solution and gently agitate for 10-30 minutes (be sure to wear gloves, these chemicals are corrosive). Helpful tip: the etching process can be sped up by carefully heating the solution to a temperature of 35-55°C (95-131°F).

Ferric chloride can etch up to a maximum of 100g of copper per liter of solution (.33 square meters or 3.5 square feet of 1 oz copper clad board) so this 4 liter container is enough solution to etch 400g of copper or 14 square feet.

Please exercise proper care when using photoetching solution, it's made up of 1% hydrochloride acid and can react with alkalis and oxidizers. If left in contact with metals for a prolonged period of time, it may produce flammable hydrogen gas. MG Chemicals' photoetching solution has a shelf life of 3 years. Store in the sealed plastic container that the solution ships in, do not store in a metal container.

* MG Chemicals confirms that all products of MG Chemicals comply with RoHS regulations without restriction.


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