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ElectroBoom X Circuit Specialists Electronics Kit - ELECTROBOOM-101-KIT

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ElectroBoom X Circuit Specialists 101 Electronic Kit

electroboom electronics kit featuring powered breadboard, test probes, silicone workmat, and digital multimeter


  • 15V powered solderless breadboard with 2390 tie-points, 2 LCD digital displays, and adjustable power

  • Handheld digital multimeter tester with AC/DC voltmeter and 2 test probes

  • Wire jumper kit with 325 pre-cut and pre-formed 22 AWG wire

  • 275-piece essential electronic components kit

  • 2 Electroboom vinyl stickers

Circuit Specialists has teamed up with popular electronics YouTuber ElectroBOOM to create a comprehensive, all-in-one electronics starter kit.

The electronic kit features everything you need to start prototyping, including a powered breadboard with a digital voltmeter and current displays, an easy-to-use handheld digital multimeter, and over 500 electronics parts and jumper wires. You’ll even get two vinyl ElectroBoom stickers with your purchase! The first 10 customers also receive a silicone workmat.

Here’s what you can expect from this one-of-a-kind electronics and prototyping kit.

***Note: The silicone mat is not included in this kit. If you'd like to add the mat to your order, click here to buy now.

15V Powered Solderless Breadboard with 2390 Tie-points, 2 LCD Digital Displays, and Adjustable Power

powered breadboard binding posts

  • Rated at 5~15V @ 1 AMP Full load for one-hour continuous operation.

  • 5 Bus Strips, including constant and variable power:

    • Ground

    • 5VDC (1 AMP) Constant Power

    • 0 to +15VDC (500mA) Variable Power

    • 0 to -15VDC (500mA) Variable Power

    • Input voltage: 110~120V 50Hz/60Hz AC

  • 2 LCD Digital Displays

  • 3 Base Panels

  • 5 Bus Strips

  • 2390 Tie Points

  • 4 Binding Posts

  • Dimensions (in) : 3"(H) c 7 3/4" (W) x 10" (D)

    • (cm): 7.5 x 19.5 x 25

  • Weight (approx.) 2.3kg, 5lbs.

Take your prototyping to the next level with the popular PBB-272C powered breadboard, a next-generation breadboard that conveniently includes an onboard voltmeter and current displays, adjustable positive or negative 15 volt power, and positive 5 volts of power at 1 amp!

With over 2300 separate contact points, this breadboard kit is everything you need to design, prototype, and test and number of projects.

5 Bus Strips with Ground, 15V Variable Power, and 5V Constant Power

Our cutting-edge powered breadboard offers 5 bus strips or power rails, including ground, adjustable positive or negative 15-volt power, and positive 5 volts of power at 1 amp. The whole board is safeguarded by 1 amp internal fuse.

2 LCD Digital Displays

The large solderless breadboard includes 2 built-in LCD panel meters, which conveniently show the 0-15 positive and 0-15 negative outputs as well as current.

Quality Material Built to Last

This breadboard uses phosphor bronze nickel-plated spring contacts, a durable copper-based alloy that has fantastic long-term spring properties, is more conductive than steel spring contacts, and can withstand thousands of insertion cycles with no change in connection quality.

Color-Coordinated for Ease of Use

The protoboard features a black printed legend for easy locating and insertion. The bus strips are clearly labeled and color-coordinated so you can quickly tell between ground (-) and power (+).

Compatible with Arduino, RaspBerry Pi, and other DIY Electronic Kits

Use this versatile, durable breadboard for a variety of projects and applications, whether you need to supplement an Arduino kit or hook up to a RaspBerry Pi.

Handheld Digital Multimeter Tester with AC/DC Voltmeter and 2 Test Probes

multimeter and silicone workmat for electroboom electronics kit

  • Measures AC/DC voltage and current

    • DC Voltage - 200mV-1000V

    • AC Voltage - 200mV-750V

    • DC Current - 2mA-20A

  • Includes transistor, diode, and continuity test capabilities

    • Resistance - 200Ω - 2000MΩ

    • Capacitance - 2nF-200μF

  • Digital voltmeter display

  • Includes 2 multimeter testing probes and caps

  • Automatic power-off after 15 minutes

  • Fully protected from circuit overload

  • Auto zero and auto polarity selection

  • Over-range indication

  • Continuity test with buzzer

The CSI2010 is an affordable, easy-to-operate, battery-powered digital multimeter that you can use for testing and measuring DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, Resistance, Capacitance, Continuity, and more.

Safely and accurately troubleshoot a variety of electrical problems or prototypes, from checking household appliances to trouble-shooting automotive circuits to testing electronic projects.

Versatile Functionality

The compact, easy-to-use portable multimeter accurately measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, Resistance, Capacitance, Continuity, Transistance (HFE), Test Diodes, and more.

Practical and Easy-to-Use

Along with its compact and portable size, the handheld digital multimeter includes practical features like a backstand and auto power-off after 15 minutes of unuse. Users can easily read the exact measurements from the built-in LCD display, and the multimeter indicates when circuits are out of range.

Designed with Safety in Mind

All ranges on the CSI2010 digital multimeter are fully protected from overload or out-of-range circuits. The testing instrument is contactless and includes 2 testing probes and caps for your convenience.

Wire Jumper Kit

electroboom electronics kit jumper wires and test leads

Enjoy 325 pre-cut, pre-stripped and pre-formed 22 AWG wire jumpers designed for use with all brands of breadboards. The kit even includes a plastic organizer case!

275-Piece Essential Electronics Parts Kit

  • 140 Carbon Resistors

  • 9 Potentiometers

  • 72 Capacitors

  • 2 Rectifiers

  • 7 Diodes

  • 26 LEDs

  • 4 chokes

  • 30+ other electronic parts, including switches, buttons, perf boards, and more!

electroboom electronics kit

This robust electronic parts kit includes resistors, capacitors, rectifiers, diodes, transistors, a speaker, microphone, buzzer, LED's, a relay, chokes, switches, and buttons all in a handy plastic component box.

This kit is great for building simple electronics projects or experiments. Some common projects can be done with the parts in this electronics parts kit like a battery voltage monitor, crystal tester, LED indicator light, electronic thermometer, electronic dice, automatic car lights turn OFF circuit, dozens of 555 timer projects, and more!

(See table below for a full breakdown of parts.)

For some project ideas, check out our blog featuring 4 breadboard projects.  blog.


1/4W 5% 10 Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 100 Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 470 Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 1.0K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 2.2K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 3.3K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 4.7K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 5.1K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 6.8K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 8.2K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 10K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 15K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 18K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 22K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 27K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 33K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 47K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 68K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 82K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 100K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 220K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 330K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 470K Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 1.0M Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 2.2M Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 3.3M Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 4.7M Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)
1/4W 5% 10M Ohm Carbon Resistor (5)


1/2 Watt Potentiometer
1K Ohm 1/2W Potentiometer
1/4W PC-mount Potentiometer
10K Ohm 1/2W Potentiometer
25K Ohm Potentiometer
50K Ohm 1/2W Potentiometer
100K Ohm 1/2W Potentiometer
500K Potentiometer
1 MEG 1/2W Potentiometer


50V 4.7PF Ceramic Capacitor (2)
50V 10PF Ceramic Capacitor (2)
50V 22PF Ceramic Capacitor (2)
50V 47PF Ceramic Capacitor (2)
50V 100PF Ceramic Capacitor (2)
50V 220PF Ceramic Capacitor (2)
50V 330PF Ceramic Capacitor (2)
50V 470PF Ceramic Capacitor (2)
50V .001UF Ceramic Capacitor (2)
50V .0047UF Ceramic Capacitor (2)
50V .01UF Ceramic Capacitor (2)
50V .047UF Ceramic Capacitor (2)
50V .1UF Ceramic Capacitor (2)
100V .0033UF Mylar Capacitor (2)
100V .033UF Mylar Capacitor (2)
100V .22UF Mylar Capacitor (2)
100V .33UF Mylar Capacitor (2)
100V .47UF Mylar Capacitor (2)
50V 1UF Radial Capacitor (2)
50V 4.7UF Radial Capacitor (2)
50V 10UF Radial Capacitor (2)
50V 47UF Radial Capacitor (2)
50V 100UF Radial Capacitor (2)
50V 330UF Radial Capacitor (2)
50V 470UF Radial Capacitor (2)
50V 1000UF Radial Capacitor (2)


50V 1A Rectifier
1000V 1A Rectifier


Germanium Diode
Switching Diode
1W 3.3V Zener Diode
1W 5.1V Zener Diode
1W 9.1V Zener Diode
1W 12V Zener Diode
1W 24V Zener Diode

Light Emitting Diodes

Infrared Emitting Diode (2)
Green 5MM LED (5)
Red 5MM LED (5)
Yellow 5MM LED (5)
Blue 5MM LED (5)
Red/Green LED, Diffused (2)
Common Anode 7 Segment LED (2)


Miniature Epoxy 2.2UH Choke
Miniature Epoxy 10UH Choke
Miniature Epoxy 100UH Choke
Miniature Epoxy 1000UH Choke

Also includes

NPN P1 VR 2N2222 30 V 500MA GP
NPN P1 40V 100MA GP AMP & SW
PNP P1 40V 100MA GP AMP & SW
MOSFET TO - 92 N-CH Enhance
555 Timer
LM741 OP Aamp
Low-Power Dual OP Amp
Low-Voltage Audio Power Amp
5V 1A POS Volt REG TO-220
12V 1A POS Volt REG TO-220
QUAD Exclusive OR Gate
Hex Schmitt Trigger
BCD TO 7-Segment Decoder/Driver OC7
Photocell/Resistor Piezo
12V DPDT Relay
Solderable Perf Board, 1.5" (2)
SPST OFF/(ON) Push Button SW
DPDT Slide Switch
DIP Switch
9V Battery Clip, 6" Leads
2" Round Speaker
9V Buzzer
Condensor Microphone
Medium Component Box


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