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30 Amp Variable Autotransformer - 0-130VAC - Dual Digital Display - TDGC3-3D Variac

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The TDGC3-3D variable autotransformer (variac) is part of the newest generation of Circuit Specialists’ bestselling line of variacs, replacing the TDGC2-3D. Along with several internal updates to improve overall performance, the new 30A Variac features dual digital displays—one for current and one for voltage—and comes in a sleek, galaxy black.


  • Backlit LCD Digital Display for output voltage and current
  • Quality control testing
  • Equipment testing on low and high voltage
  • Precise control over heat and speed
  • Ability to simulate various voltage and line conditions
  • Rated up to 30 Amps or 3KVA Peak (25A Continuous)
  • Requires AC input provides AC output (does not convert AC to DC)
  • Does not affect the cycle rate

The Variable Transformer TDGC3-3D does not convert AC to DC. It requires an AC input and the output is also AC. Also, the unit will not affect the cycle rate from the power company. If your power system is providing 60Hz, the Variac autotransformer will not change that, the output will be an undistorted 60Hz. This unit is rated up to 30 Amps or 2KVA Peak (25A Continous).

Note: Variacs are not compatible with most GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) wall outlets. We have found that the inductive load that the Variac represents is not compatible with most GFI circuits and they will trip the breaker.

Note: Not equipped with an isolated transformer.

Note: This unit is rated at 30 amps and most household outlets are only rated for 15 amps. Be sure to verify that the power supply you are using can deliver enough current to operate this unit. Because 30 amps are peak output, if used in a home environment it is only recommended for peak operation for short periods of time; the sustained operation shouldn't be at more than 25 amps of continuous output, with 30 amp peaks for no more than 10-15 minutes.

Note: This unit does not ship with a power cable and it is strongly recommended that this unit be directly wired into a circuit breaker panel by a qualified electrician for proper operation and safety.

Note: Proper electrical connections: RED = Hot, BLACK = Neutral, Chassis Screw = Ground


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