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50 Volt DC 3 Amp Linear Bench Power Supply

Item no. CSI5003XE

50 Volt DC 3 Amp Linear Bench Power Supply

Item no. CSI5003XE
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Circuit Specialists 50 Volt, 3 Amp DC Power Supply

The CSI5003XE is a fully regulated benchtop linear power supply with adjustable current limiting.

The CSI5003XE is a regulated, adjustable benchtop linear 50 volt power supply. For applications that require substantial voltage this unit can deliver up to 50 volts and 3 amps, and can be preset to any combination of the two. Power levels are displayed on a large, clear LED display that shows both voltage and current. The current output can be preset by the user via a front panel screwdriver adjustment screw while the voltage is adjustable by a large front panel multi-turn knob for precise voltage settings. Output is via a pair of front panel banana jacks that accept typical 4mm bananna plug cables, if desired and there is also a covered terminal strip for remote voltmeter sensing at the power source. This bench power supply provides precise power output in a compact, affordable package.

CSI5003XE Power Supply Specifications

  • Output voltage (CV): 0-50VDC
  • Output current(CC):0-3 Amps
  • Ripple : 1.5mVrms
  • Line regulation (CV): < 0.01%+5mV
  • Line regulation:(CC): <0.01% + 5mV
  • Load regulation (CV): <0.01% +5mV
  • Input voltage: 110VAC +/- 10% (not swtchable to 220 VAC)
  • Display accuracy voltage: 100mV+/- 1 digit
  • Display accuracy current: 10mA+/- 2 digits
  • Output control: single turn knob
  • Cooling: fan

Please Note: This power supply uses standard 110-120 volt, 60 Hz AC power and is supplied with a grounded power cable compatible with 110-120 volt power outlets as used in the United States. It is NOT compatible with 220-240 volt, 50 Hz power systems used in other countries unless a proper power adapter/converter is used (not included).

Due to safety concerns, Circuit Specialists does not stock power adapters or converters for power supplies at this time.

For more information, refer to the CSI5003XE Owners Manual.

Helpful Links

Here is a short tutorial describing the difference between linear and switching power supplies.

For many power supply applications you'll need a programmable DC load.

Product Details

Programmable: NO

Product Type: DC Power Supply

# of Outputs: 1


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