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CSI8410A Transistor Curve Tracer

Item no. CSI4810A

CSI8410A Transistor Curve Tracer

Item no. CSI4810A
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CSI8410A Transistor Curve Tracer


  • Clear feature curves
  • Double cluster display circuit for multiple current amplification
  • Max. step potential source output is up to 2V/STAGE
  • Conjugation function for the parallel FET

Technical Data:
Deflection coefficent of vertical axis

Scope of collector circuit (IC)
Reversal drain current of diode (IR)

Base current or base voltage
20µA/DIV,divided into 15 grades, error is not more than ±3%
0.2µA/DIV ~ 1A/DIV, devided into 6 grades
2µA/DIV ~ 10µA/DIV, error is not more than ±3%
0.2µA/DIV ~ 1µA/DIV, error is not more than ±10%
0.2µA/DIV ~ interfere ≤0.5V/DIV
20mV/DIV, error≤±3%, deflection multifying factor x0.5, error ≤±10%
Deflection coefficent of horizontal axis

Scope of collector voltage
Scope of drian current voltage of diode
Scope of base Voltage
Base current or base source voltage

0.05V/DIV ~ 500V/DIV divided into 10 grades, error ≤±3%
100V/DIV ~ 500V/DIV divided into 3 grades, error ≤±5%
0.05V/DIV ~ 2V/DIV divided into 6 grades, error ≤±3%
0.1V/DIV, error ≤±3%

Step signal

Scope of step current
Scope of step voltage
Stage number per cluster
Step zeroing
Step number per second
Step polarity
Step form
1µA/STAGE ~ 0.1A/STAGE, devided into 16 grades, error ≤±5%
0.05V/STAGE ~ 2V/STAGE, devided into 6 grades, error ≤±5%
4 ~ 10 stages continuosly adjustable
Not less than ±1 DIV
200 (commercial frequency:50Hz)
Positive or negative
Continuous or single cluster
Collector sweep supply Max current or power of sweep supply each grade

Disapation resistance

0~5V grade: 10A   0~4.04W
0~20V grade: 2.5A    0~0.4W
0~100V grade: 0.5A   0~4W
0~500V grade: 0.1A   0~20W
0~500kΩ, divided into 11 ranges
2.5~100kΩ, divided into 6 ranges
10Ω~500kΩ, error ≤±10%
0.5Ω~2.5Ω, error ≤±20%
Power source 110~127VAC ±10%, 220~240VAC ±10%, 50Hz ±2Hz/60Hz ±2Hz
Dimensions 240 x 330 x 480 9 29/64" x 12 63/64" x 18 57/64"
Weight 13.5kg 29.76 lbs
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