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Tri Output Programmable 32 VDC Bench Power Supply PPS2320A

Item no. PPS2320A
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Tri Output Programmable 32 VDC Bench Power Supply PPS2320A

Item no. PPS2320A
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Circuit Specialists PPS2320A Review & Features

Note: Due to the huge success of this product, Circuit Specialists now markets it under our own brand instead of the Hantek brand. This is the identical product from the identical original manufacturer. Hantek was not the original manufacturer of this item and was remarketing it under their label.

Shipped & Supported from the USA

NOTE: 120Volt AC Input only! *

Circuit Specialists PPS2320A Tri Output Linear Programmable Bench Power Supply

Key Features:

  • 3 Channels (2 each 0-32 V/3A) and 1 fixed multiple output 2.5V/3.3V/5V @ 0-3A
  • 64V Max Output Voltage (32 V per Chanel)
  • 6A Max Output Current (3 A per Channel)
  • Modes:Constant Current/Constant Voltage/SW Control/Parallel(double Current), Serial(double voltage). Split-Rail (Negative and Positive Voltage)

This 3 Channel Benchtop Power Supply is a mult-functional programmable power supply featuring 2 variable outputs (0-32V/0-3Amps) and 1 fixed output channel that the user may select either 2.5V, 3.3V or 5V from 0-3 Amps. This lab grade product boasts all digital controls from the front panel or may be controlled via PC interface. 


This model has an automatic cooling fan that activates under high load conditions but it runs completely silent most of the time. There are 5 presets and a user configurable stepping size. This power supply may also be controlled via the USB port  of a PC and the software supports data logging. 


  • Number of Channels: 3
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 64 volts (32 volts Channel 1 & 32 volts Channel 2)
  • Fixed Channel 3:  Adjustable from 2.5 volts, 3.3 volts and 5 volts at 0 to 3 amps
  • Modes: Constant Current (c.c.) , Constant Voltage ( c.v.), Parallel, Serial, Split-Rail (negative and positive voltages)
  • Regulation ( CV): <0.1% =5mV (1,3A): <0.02% + 5mV (1>3A)
  • Regulation (CC):  <0.02% +3 mA
  • Ripple and Noise (CV):<5mV RMS
  • Ripple and Noise (CC):<3mA RMS
  • AC input: 120VAC 60Hz/50Hz   +/- 10% (USA style power cord - NOTE: USA 120V AC Only No 220V input avalable on this model)
  • Rise Time (output voltage) :<100ms  with or without load present
  • Fall Time (output voltage) : < 100ms with or without load present
  • Display Accuracy (Voltage & Current): +/- 0.5% plus 2 words
  • Protection: OCP ( Overcurrent Portection), OVP (Over Voltage Protection)
  • Cooling:  Thermostaticly controlled fan
  • Size: 8.6" x 5.6" x 13.6" (215mm x 140mm x 340mm)
  • weight: 16lbs
  • Temperature for accurate Operation: 0- to 40 Deg Celsius
  • Humidity max for accurate operation: <80
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • USB Interface
  • Compatible with WIN7 and older versions of Windows (for Windows 8 compatible software, see the link below)
  • 5 programmable presets (voltage & current )
  • Manual/Preset/Software methods of control (CSV file)
  • CSV data logging
  • 10mV to 10 V user selectable voltage step size
* Please Note: This power supply uses standard 110 Volt 60 Hz AC power. and is supplied with a grounded power cable compatible with 110 volt power outlets as used in the United States.  It is not compatible with the 220~240 volt 50 Hz power system used in other countries unless a proper power adapter/converter is used (not included).

Circuit Specialists does not  stock power adapters/converters at this time.

Users Manual 

Download the Windows 7 and earlier control software 

Download the control software revised for Windows 8 

Original Driver CD  ISO format

Hantek Control Communications Protocol Document

 Image of PC Interface Control Screen

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