Helping Hands, Third Hand Tools, & PCB Holders

Maximize your soldering experience with a nifty third hand tool or extra “helping hand”! Circuit Specialists’ carries a variety of PCB holders and third hand tools, including multifunctional helping hands with magnifying glasses, soldering stands, and other built-in accessories. 

For the ULTIMATE helping hand (and soldering station, rolled into one!), check out the one-of-a-kind modular CSI-PREMIER-110W soldering station, which includes two helping hands, a magnifying glass, and other soldering accessories that connect directly to a powerful 4-channel programmable soldering station. 


Third Hand Tools—also known as Helping Hands or PCB holders—are tools that help secure items in place while soldering

Many third hand tools have flexible or adjustable arms (sometimes called “Octopus arms”) with small crocodile clips at the end, which gently clamp down on PCBs to free up both hands for soldering or other craftwork. These tools, colloquially known as “Helping Hands,” often include a magnifier, soldering stand, and other convenient soldering accessories

Some PCB holders forgo clips and instead secure circuit boards and other soldering materials using a vise and clamp construction, offering more stability but less flexibility than adjustable Helping Hands arms.