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Item no. METIRI-S2


Item no. METIRI-S2
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METIRI-S2 SMART ENERGY METER - Scientific Model Version 2

The Metiri-S2 Scientific Model is a smart energy meter that accurately measures DC voltage and current and records this energy over time in a way that you can customize for your application. The Metiri-S2 is an improved model of the original series and has some new and improved features:

  • Increased accuracy with a better display
    • Current detection range from 0.001A  to +/-100.00A (+/-50Adc Imax)
    • User settable display field
  • USB Data Interface
    • The Metiri-S2 can be powered by a laptop or other external USB power source AC adapter or external USB battery (Not included).
    • Update the firmware via free bootloader software
    • Record data or configure the Metiri-S2 with a serial UART client or via software interface
  • Better Wires:  The Metiri-S2 now has silicone pure copper wires
    • 105/30 or better with high strand count for extreme flexibility
    • UL3239 high temp silicone jacket rated to 150°C (302°F)
    • 99.9% pure copper wire (tin-plated)
    • > 7" wire leads

The Metiri-S2 includes all of the features of the original Metiri-S plus much more.

  • Touch sensitive buttons, nothing to break
  • MicroSD interface records data into easy to use CSV format
  • ​Better resolution and speed
  • ​Two temperature sensors
  • ​Better Design
  • Customizable Main Screen
  • Fully Certified to FCC Part 15, Class B for residential or commercial use
  • Real time voltage, current, power, and time
  • Interactive Energy graph shows energy performance over time
  • Solar Power Monitoring
  • RC Testing
  • Accurate Battery Monitoring
  • DC power data acquisition


  • Voltage monitoring range: 0* to 60 DC volts.
  • Bidirectional current monitoring:**
    • -50A to +50A continuous.
    • -100A to +100A peak.
  • Fully Certified to FCC Part 15, Class B for residential or commercial use.
  • Pure copper10 AWG wire and high quality sense resistor qualified to AEC-Q200
  • Saves measurements to a micro SD card in CVS format for easy editing. (micro SD card not included)
  • Real time voltage, current, power, and count.
  • Voltage, Current, and Power minimum and maximum values.
  • Interactive Energy graph shows energy collected per hour.
  • Self Calibration and data storage control.


  • You can provide axillary power using any 5.0V USB supply.
    Power your project using any AC charger, battery pack, or car charger with a USB port.
    (No custom cables or power adapters are included)


  • All menu options, features, and tools are accessible using the front interface.
  • You can set the energy units that you want to see. Select either Joules, Watt hours, or Ampere hours!
  • Perform calibration, reset values, monitor, and record data all with a touch of a button.


  • Record voltage, current, and energy over time in a simple to use CSV format. This data can then be easily analyzed in a spreadsheet program.  (micro SD card not included


* When auxiliary USB power is plugged in. Otherwise, unit will function with an input voltage of 6 up to 60 Vdc.
** The Continuous Current rating is the current rating the device can sustain. Peak Current is the current rating the device can sustain for 5 seconds. The Recordable Current is the maximum current the device can record. See product SOA (Safe Operating Area) in your product manual for more details.


  • Maximum Operating Values
    • Voltage Operation Range: +6.5Vdc to +60.0Vdc
    • ...with Aux Power Supply: 0.0Vdc to +60.0Vdc
    • Maximum DC Current: +/-50Adc sustained
    • Maximum Peak Current: +/-100A for less than 3 seconds
    • Input Current from Source or Load: 8mA to 149mA*
    • ...with Aux Power Supply: <1mA
  • Measurement Capabilities
    • Voltage Detection Resolution: 10mV
    • Current Detection Resolution: 1mA when less than 6.0A; 10mA othewise
    • Current Measurement Accuracy: +-20mA
    • Sample Resolution: 20Hz (one sample each 50mSec)
    • Clock Resolution: +/-0.5%
    • Ambient Temperature Range/Resolution: -40°C to 120°C +/-0.1°C
    • System Temperature Range/Resolution: -40°C to 120°C +/-0.1°C
    • Max Energy Recordable Value: +/-2,147,483,648 Joules (watt seconds)
    • Max Clock Recordable Value: 65,536 days
  • Recording Capability
    • MicroSD Card Size Capability: FAT32, up to 128GB
    • SELECT or ENTER Screen Timeout: 10 seconds


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