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Mooshimeter, the Wireless Multimeter & Data Logging DMM that uses your smartphone as the Display

Save $10.01 Free shipping

Mooshimeter, the Wireless Multimeter & Data Logging DMM that uses your smartphone as the Display

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Bluetooth/Wireless Data Logging Digital Multimeter that uses your Smartphone as the display

The worlds first smartphone multimeter and data logger! 

  • Wirelessly Connects to a Bluetooth enabled smartphone (Android or iOS)
  • Measures current, voltage, resistance, temperature
  • Measures 2 channels at once
  • Data Logs to SD card (not included) for up to 6 months - continues recording even when bluetooth device is not in range
  • 24 bit precision gives you sensitivity to see small changes
  • Includes accessory kit

The world's first smart multimeter that uses your iOS or Android device to capture and log multichannel measurements.

The Mooshimeter is a multi-channel circuit testing meter that uses your smartphone or tablet, through Bluetooth 4.0, as a wireless, high-resolution graphical display. Safely measure 600V and 10A with 24bit resolution from up to 150 feet away while logging results for up to 6 months.


  • Mooshimeter
  • 2x AA batteries
  • 3x 10A 600V CATIII Test Leads
  • 3x Slide on Alligator Clips
  • Tool Case

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage
    • Up to 600V, DC or peak AC
    • Up to 420VAC RMS sinusoidal
    • Better than 0.5% accuracy DC
    • Better than 1.0% accuracy AC for harmonic content below 1kHz
    • >10 Megaohm input impedance
  • High Precision Voltage
    • Up to 100mV with <15nV per count resolution
    • Up to 1.2V with <200nV per count resolution
    • >10 Megaohm input impedance
  • Current, Internal
    • Up to 10 Amps
    • 20 µV / mA burden voltage (using factory fuse)
    • Less than 5 µA per count in 10 Amp scale
    • Better than 1% accuracy
  • Resistance
    • Better than 1% accuracy over 20 Ohms – 20 Megaohms
  • Frequency
    • Better than 1% accuracy up to 1kHz
  • Diodes
    • Up to 1V @ 100nA
  • Sampling
    • 8kHz dual simultaneous sampling
    • 4kHz analog bandwidth for most measurements
    • 24-bit resolution max
    • >18 Effective bits at 125 samples per second
  • On Board Storage – SD Card
    • MicroSD Card Up to 32GB (More than a week of constant logging two channels at 8kHz)
    • SD or SDHC (not SDXC)
    • (New Feature) Data is logged to SD card continously even without a bluetooth device connected.
    • (New Feature) Data can transmitted to smartphone device over bluetooth.
  • Radio:
    • Protocol: Bluetooth Low Energy
    • GATT Profile: To be released in 2014
  • Wireless Range
    • The wireless range has been tested empirically through the following media to an iPhone 5.
      • 50m air, line of sight
      • 5cm of refrigerator, door closed
      • 1m of 2006 Honda Civic – Engine compartment to the passenger seat
      • 10m air + safety shield of a Tesla Coil rock-bands testing facility

(Watch the Mooshimeter in action in this pre-launch video)

Mehdi Sadaghdar "ElectroBOOM!" has some interesting uses for the Mooshimeter.


  • Power
    • Simultaneous high-speed sampling of voltage and current gives the following power measurements:
    • True Power
    • Reactive, Complex, Apparent Power
    • Power Factor
    • Total Harmonic Distortion
    • Phase Lead or Lag
  • Impedance
    • Measure the supply sag under load to estimate:
    • Supply or Battery equivalent resistance
    • Battery State of Health
  • Current Measurement, External Shunt
    • Measure thousands of amps with sub-milliohm shunts
    • Measure precision currents with large shunts
    • Use the existing wiring for “quick’n’dirty” measurements
    • Use 1′ of 10AWG for 12µA per count resolution, up to several times the wires ampacity.
  • Temperature
    • External Thermistors
      • Steinhart-Hart or Beta parameterized
    • External Thermocouples
    • Internal ambient temperature sensor
    • Internal temperature sensor for temperature drift compensation
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