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Array 3672A 35 Volt DC 22.5 Amp Programmable Switching Power Supply

by Array
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Array 3672A 35 Volt DC 22.5 Amp Programmable Switching Power Supply

High Reliability
  • Protective circuitry provides over-current, over-voltage, over-power, over-temperature and reverse polarity protection to ensure the protection of the electronic load.
  • A high-speed, power limiting circuit can limit input power rapidly when it is overloaded, thus there is no need to interrupt testing. Equipment adaptability to complicated operational environments is thereby greatly enhanced.
  • A high-efficiency, intelligent cooling system can effec-tively reduce system temperature and enhance power density.
  • The input binding posts with their innovative design are especially suitable for large current testing. They are easy to operate, reliable and durable.
  • The specially ruggedized case with its rubber bumpers protects the load thus effectively prolonging the unit’s service life.

Great Performance

  • Circuit improvement greatly enhances the dynamic response of CR mode and widens the application scope of that mode.
  • The innovative CPV and CPC modes can be applied to testing voltage/current source with constant power respectively, and both modes can effectively prevent short circuit when the set power level of the load exceeds the output power of the power supply.
  • Minimum operating voltage is less than 0.6V at the load's full rated current. With optional low-voltage testing devices, the maximum current can be achieved even though the input voltage is 0V. This is especially suitable for fuel cell, solar cell and other new energy test applications.
  • By adopting the optimum algorithm and high-speed hardware circuitry, the D/A conversion rate can reach up to 100kHz. The overall smoothness of slope control has been raised, meanwhile, the timing precision and resolution of transient test and sequential test have also been improved.
  • The 24 bit A/D and 17 bit D/A converters incorporated, provide this equipment with greatly enhanced setting and measurement resolution.

Multifunction、Easy Operation

  • By supporting SCPI, it is easy to build an ATE(automatic test equipment) system that works with other programm-able instruments via optional RS232, USB and GPIB interfaces.
  • Design optimized for portability and rugged reliability.
  • Logical keypad design and convenient test operation.
  • Easy-to-set test parameters coupled with a powerful sequence editing function.
  • All electronic calibration - therefore no need to dismantle the equipment-chassis;
  • Firmware can be updated online.
Output Ratings Voltage 0~35V
Current 0~22.5A
Ripple and Noise(20 Hz to 20 MHz) Voltage <10mV rms
<20mV p-p
Current <8mA rms
Common Mode Current <1.5mA rms
Load Regulation Voltage 3mV
Current 2mA
Line Regulation Voltage 2mV
Current 1mA
Programming Accuracy Voltage 0.03%+5mV
Current 0.5%+6mA
Readback Accuracy Voltage 0.02%+2mV
Current 0.2%+5mA
Programming Resolution Voltage 1mV
Current 1mA
Readback Resolution Voltage 1mV
Current 1mA
Meter Resolution Voltage 1mV
Current 1mA
Output Programming Range(maximum programmable values) Voltage 0~35.2V
Current 0~22.5A
Temperature Coefficient, ± (% of output + offset) Voltage 30ppm + 0.5mV
Current 30ppm + 0.2mA
Stability,±(% of output + offset) Voltage 0.02% + 2mV
Current 0.2% + 6mA
Output Voltage Programming Response Time Full load up 50 msec
Full load down 50 msec
No load up 50 msec
No load down 200 msec
Power Supply AC180V-265V 47Hz~63Hz 1050VA Max
Operating Temperature 0~40℃ 0~80%RH
Cooling Fan Cooled
Output Voltage Overshoot Less than 1V
Programming Language SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments)
Dimensions 226mm x 110mm x 414mm (213mm x 376mm x 104mm case without bumpers)
Net Weight 12.13lbs (5.5kg)
Remote Interface RS232(Standard),GPIB(Option)
Recommended Calibration Interval 1 year
Transient response Time Less than 2ms for the output to recover to less than 100 mV after a change in output current from full load to half load or vice versa.
Command Processing time Programming Commands The maximum time for output to change after receiving APPLY and SOURce Commands: <50msec
Readback Command: The maximum time to readback MEASure?Command:<100msec The Other Command:<50msec


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