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Array 3750A 1.5kW DC Programmable Electronic Load

by Array
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Array 3750 1.5kW, 0-240 Volt and 0-100 Amp Programmable DC Electronic Load

Remember, the Array 3750A is shipped and supported from the USA. Contact us for bulk purchases of 5+ units.

The Array 3750A programmable electronic load is a new generation product from Array Electronic Co., Ltd., It is designed for high performance and provides powerful test functions, a user-friendly HMI, as well as RS232 interface to support SCPI and Labview; all at a very reasonable price. With 1500 watts of power and onboard D/A and A/D converters, the 3750A is ideal for scientific research and rugged enough for production work in fields such as aerospace, mobile and marine electronics, solar cell testing, and battery or fuel cell development.

The Array 3750A programmable DC load has four test programs available: constant current, from 6 amps up to 100 amps at 0.1 mA resolution; constant voltage, from 0 to 240 volts at 1-10 mV resolution; constant resistance and constant power, up to 1,500 watts at 1mW resolution. The constant resistance mode utilizes latest generation circuitry to enhance the dynamic response which widens the application scope. The transient measurement mode allows testing of pulses with a frequency range from .025 Hz to 50 kHz. These included functions allow eight different test modes including: constant current, low; constant current, high; constant resistance, low, medium and high range; constant power, voltage source mode and current source mode. Beyond these standard tests, there are a few auxilliary functions that allow more specific testing: high speed sequencing, high speed transient, short circuit, and battery discharge.

Array 3750A Specifications

  • 16 bit D/A and 12 bit A/D converters incorporated
  • The minimum operating voltage is less than 2V at the load’'s full rated current. The maximum current can be achieved even though the input voltage is 0V. This is especially suitable for fuel cell, solar cell and other new energy test applications
  • Perfect protection assures high reliability in the most complicated of test environments
  • Powerful sequential test function; with a minimum step time of 50mS; and a maximum step time of 99999S. Cycle time can be adjusted between 0-255 and a sequence can be chained to another one to achieve even more complex test procedures
  • A high-efficiency, intelligent cooling system can effectively reduce system temperature and enhance power density
  • Status saving function simplifies test operationThe combined use of knob and digital keypad makes the operation more convenient
  • Save/Recall function can save multiple groups of common settings
  • Protection from high current, high temperature, high power and over voltage
  • Power consumption: 100 VAC
  • Weight: 53 lbs./24 kg

For more information, refer to the Array 3750A's Programming Manual.

Helpful Links

Here you can find a zip file of support software and the Array update tool.

Additional Array 3750A support and driver software is available here.


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