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4 in 1 Compact Rework Station with Digital Display - CSI948D-2

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4-in-1 Compact Rework Station with Digital Display

Hot Air Gun, Desoldering Gun, Soldering Iron, and Suction Pen


The CSI948D-2 is the latest all-in-one rework station from Circuit Specialists. This compact rework station has plenty of flexibility allowing you to use hot air to reflow solder, use a desoldering gun to quickly remove solder from through hole parts, and use the soldering iron to reassemble or reheat as needed. This station is an excellent value for the features and you'll be glad you purchased this rework station as it will save you time and money having a professional tool on your workbench.


  • Maximum power consumption 725W
  • Input power supply 110VAC +- 10% 60Hz/AC
  • 5.2 kg
  • 0-40 degrees Celsius / 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit working temperature
  • Dimensions 280 x 187 x 135 mm

Hot Air Gun

  • 650W Power
  • 100 - 480 degrees Celsius
  • Brushless fan
  • 120L/min air flow
  • LED digital tube display
  • +- 1 degree Celsius
  • Includes 4 nozzles (12mm x 12mm, 4.5mm round, 7.3mm round & 9.3mm round (all sizes aprrox.))

Desoldering Gun

  • 75W power
  • 350-480 degrees Celsius
  • 12 W soldering pump power
  • Vacuum pressure 0.12 MPa
  • LED digital display
  • +- 1 degrees Celsius
  • 26VAC heating element
  • <2 Ohm resistance of desoldering tips

Soldering Iron

  • 60W Power
  • 200-480 degrees Celsius
  • LED digital display
  • +-1 degrees Celsius
  • 26VAC heating element
  • < 2 Ohm resistance of tips
Suction Pen
  • The suction pen provides an economical yet effective way to handle small SMT parts

Includes: Rework Station, AC Power Cord, Desoldering Gun, Soldering Iron + tip, Desoldering gun cleaning accesories (spring filter, drill, mesh filters), Hot Air Gun, hot air gun holder, desoldering gun/soldering iron holder, soldering iron tip, and hot air gun nozzles.

Note: Occasionally the supplied de-soldering nozzles that are shipped with this unit appear to have no hole in the tip. They are actually solder filled and simply need to be heated on the de-solder gun to melt the solder inside the tip.


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