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DIY LED Canton Tower Soldering Project Kit - CSISLD02

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DIY Electronic LED Canton Tower Soldering Project Kit

Whether you’re just learning how to solder or you want to hone your skills, the LED Model Tower Kit is the perfect soldering project to take your soldering skills to the next level—and create a stunning LED model tower at the same time!

Key Features:

  • 155 colorful flashing LEDs (3mm)
  • 5V motherboard with USB charging
  • 2 LED modes: dynamic and audio
  • 3 motherboard buttons:
    • Mode: Dynamic effect/Audio effect
    • Previous: Previous dynamic effect
    • Next: Next dynamic effect
  • +15 Extra LEDs
  • 1 USB cable (for charging)
  • 4 copper posts and screws

The DIY electronic kit features 155 3mm LEDs that users solder together to form the famous Canton Tower, a multi-purpose observation tower in China that once held the title for tallest building in the world.

Each soldering project kit comes with instructions for soldering the LEDs. The motherboard that controls the lights requires no extra soldering or work other than attaching to the tower as a base.

The completed project reaches about 38cm high and provides a dynamic display of 12 different colors when turned on. You can even switch to audio dynamic mode to make the LEDs “dance” or respond to music or sound by jumping up and down.

Note: The solder and soldering iron is not included with this DIY electronic kit. You can shop both lead and lead-free solder as well as affordable beginner and advanced soldering stations at Circuit Specialists.

Items List

  • 1 Soldered and tested mainboard (size: 6x6 cm)
  • 4 Copper posts and screws
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 White electronic line
  • 1 Plastic mold for auxiliary welding
  • 170 3mm colorful flashing LED


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