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Hantek DSO5102P 100MHz, 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

by Hantek
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The Hantek DSO5102P provides you with excellent performance in a compact, affordable design. It's loaded with standard features including USB connectivity, automated measurements, limit testing, data loading, and context-sensitive measurement that allow this digital storage oscilloscope to help you get more done in less time. While other digital storage oscilloscopes offer more bandwidth and a higher sample rate, the price increases accordingly. The 5102P's 100MHz of bandwidth and 40K memory depth make it a real bargain. This Hantek model, like it's stablemates, provides realtime sampling with oversampling on all channels, while accurately capturing signals in its 40K record length internal memory. This value oriented, digital oscilloscope also features a clear, detailed 7" color TFT display that includes an innovative on screen "Help" system which provides relevant on-screen help at any time simply by pressing the "HELP" button. This feature makes using the Hantek 5102P a snap.

The Hantek DSO5102P Digital Storage Oscilloscope is a value oriented 100MHz DSO that provides real-time sample rates up to 1GSa/s and equivalent sample rates up to 25GSa/s.The unit is light enough and small enough to easily be portable and includes a built in FFT function.

Check out the Hantek DSO5202P Digital Storage Oscilloscope, A 200MHz version of this same great Hantek oscilloscope! Twice the bandwidth of the DSO5102P and only a few dollars more!

Hantek DSO5102P Specifications

  • 100MHz bandwidth
  • 1GSa/s Real Time sample rate
  • Large (7.0-inch) color display, WVGA(800x480)
  • Record length up to 40K
  • Trigger mode: edge/pulse width/line selectable video/slop/overtime etc.
  • USB host and device connectivity, standard (note: USB port is NOT intended to be used to recharge cell phones & other usb charged devices. )
  • Multiple automatic measurements
  • Four math functions, including FFTs standard
  • Provides software for PC real-time analysis
  • Acquisition modes: normal, peak detect, average
  • Inputs coupling: AC, DC, GND
  • Inputs impedance: 1MΩ±2% ‖ 20pF±3pF
  • Probe attenuation: 1X, 10X
  • Supported Probe Attenuation Factor: 1X, 10X, 100X, 1000X
  • Maximum input voltage: CAT I and CAT II: 300VRMS (10×), Installation Category CAT III: 150VRMS (1×) Installation Category II: derate at 20dB/decade above 100kHz to 13V peak AC at 3MHz* and above. For non-sinusoidal waveforms, peak value must be less than 450V. Excursion above 300V should be of less than 100ms duration. RMS signal level including all DC components removed through AC coupling must be limited to 300V. If these values are exceeded, damage to the oscilloscope may occur.
  • Sample rate range: 500MS/s--1GS/s
  • Waveform interpolation: (sin x)/x
  • Sample rate and delay time accuracy: ±50ppm(at over any ≥1ms time interval)
  • Position range: 20ns/div to 80us/div; (-8div x s/div) to 40ms; 200us/div to 40s/div; (-8div x s/div) to 400s
  • Rise time at BNC: 3.5ns
  • Math: +, -, *, /, FFT
  • FFT windows: Hanning, Flatop, Rectamgular, Bartlett, Blackman, 1024 sample point
  • Bandwidth limit: 20MHz
  • Low frequency response: (-3db) >≤10Hz at BNC
  • DC gain accuracy: ±3% for Normal or Average acquisition mode, 5V/div to 10mV/div; ±4% for Normal or Average acquisition mode, 5mV/div to 2mV/div
  • DC measurement accuracy: When vertical displacement is zero, and N ≥16:± (3% × reading + 0.1div + 1mV) only 10mV/div or greater is selected. When vertical displacement is not zero, and N≥16: ± [3% × (reading + vertical position) + 1% of vertical position + 0.2div]; Add 2mV for settings from 2mV/div to 200mV/div; add 50mV for settings from 200mV/div to 5V/div
  • Trigger types: Edge, Video, Pulse, Slope, Over time, Alternative
  • Trigger source: Ch2, CH2, EXT, EXT/5, AC Line
  • Trigger modes: Auto, Normal, Single
  • Coupling type: DC, AC, Noise Reject, HF Reject, LF Reject
  • Holdoff range: 100ns ~ 10s
  • Readout resolution: 6 digits
  • Accuracy (typical):±30ppm (including all frequency reference errors and ±1 count errors)
  • Frequency range: AC coupled, from 4Hz minimum to rated bandwidth
  • Output voltage: About 5Vpp into ≥1MΩ load
  • Size: 385mm x 200mm x 245mm
  • Weight: 2.08kg, 4.5 lbs

Software operating systems: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP ,VISTA, Windows 7

For more information, refer to the Hantek DSO5102P Oscilloscope Owner's Manual.

Helpful Links

Here is a copy of Hantek's Digital Oscilloscope Software CD (in ISO format).

Here you can find the DSO5102P Series Application Software.

This link is to a zip file of the DSP5000P Series Drivers.



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