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ITECH IT6721 60V 8A Digital Control Power Supply

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ITECH IT6721 60V 8A Digital Control Power Supply

The ITECH IT6721 power supply is an economical power supply that haa the widest voltage and current utilization, one power supply can replace multiple power supplies, widely used in various testing occasions. With the capacity of 180W, and a voltage output of 60V, current output of 8A, it can control the change rates of the voltage and current automatically. The power ratio can be up to 3 times. For instance, One IT6721 can subsitute previous 60V*1.6A/32/*3A/20V*5A 3 kinds of models to save you cost.

  • Fully digital control
  • High resolution 10mV/1mA in Full range
  • Low ripple and noise
  • Software calibration
  • Bright and easy to read display (VFD)
  • Constant current and constant voltage output
  • Selectable remote control keypads
  • High reliability OVP/OCP/OTP protection
  • Output on/off control
  • Best performance /price ratio
  • Storage for 4*100 preset voltage and current output

Widest voltage and current utilization
IT6700 series can control voltage and current automaticly.The power ratio can be up to 3 times.For instance,one IT6720 can subsitute previous 60V*1.6A/32/*3A/20V*5A

Specifications: IT6721
Output Rating Voltage 0~60V
Current 0~8A
Power 180W
Load Regulation Voltage <0.01%+5mV
Current <0.01%+5mA
Line Regulation Voltage <0.01%+5mV
Current <0.1%+5mA
Programming Accuracy Voltage <0.05%+10mV
Current <0.3%+5mA
Read back Accuracy Voltage <0.05%+10mV
Current <0.3%+5mA
Ripple Voltage <5.0mV rms
Current <8mA rms
Maximum input
apparent power
Dimensions W*H*D 88*175*282(mm)
Weight Net <3.5Kg


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