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ITECH IT6862A (32V 3A/12V 6A) Dual-Range Programmable DC Power Supply


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ITECH IT6862A (32V 3A/12V 6A) Dual-Range Programmable DC Power Supply

The IT6862A programmable DC power supply offers dual-range voltage switch for your choice, which can replace two ordinary ones, greatly saving your cost and operation space. At the same time, IT6860A supports panel List programming and software operation via computer to meet more communication demands. IT6860A series is suited for laboratory testing, online production test, maintenance testing, etc.

Voltage Current Power Resolution Accuracy Interface Size
≤0.04%+8mV/ ≤0.1%+5mA
½ 2U


  • Dual range output
  • Convenient data entry via knob or numerical key pad
  • High accuracy and high resolution
  • Remote sense
  • Output voltage and current values accordance with procedure
  • Adjust voltage and current via Knob
  • Low ripple and low noise
  • OVP, OTP
  • Built-in RS232/USB interface
  • Monitor software via PC
  • Support SCPI command, compatible IT6800 frame format protocol
  • Dual Range Output

The IT6862A DC power supply offers high and low voltage range for your choice. When needing high voltage output, high voltage is optional, when needing high current, low voltage is optional.

Output Timer Function

This series supports output timer function, in ON mode, the indicator light “Timer” will be lit on the VFD screen. When output of power supply is opened, timer will begin to work, after reaching the definite time, output will be off automatically. Timing output time range is 0.1s~9999.9s or 0.1m~9999.9m.

List Mode

List mode allows user to create a sequence of steps, store it into the power supply’s nonvolatile memory and execute it. The input parameters for generating a list include the name of the list file, the input steps (no more than 150 steps), the step time (the minimum is 100mS) and the value of each step.

Remote Sense

In order to avoid the voltage drop caused by the length of the wire connecting the load, the remote test allows measurement directly on the terminal of the test object to improve the measurement accuracy. S +, S is the remote measurement terminal, +, - is the output positive and negative terminals. When using the remote measurement function, it is necessary to disconnect the wires connected to the "+, -" terminals and lead S +, S to the test object.


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