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6 Inch ABS Plastic Project Box Enclosure - PB-4P

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6 Inch ABS Plastic Project Enclosure

Our ABS plastic project enclosure is a simple, yet effective, way to protect your delicate electronic project from any number of environmental dangers like dust, accidental jostling, food spills, rain, fog, clumsy co-workers, adverse airflow or literally anything that could upset your carefully constructed project.

Our project boxes have a glossy black finish that is the result of their precision molded construction from the highest quality imported ABS plastic. This enclosure's bottom and four sides are molded as a single piece, making them as sealed and intrusion proof as ABS plastic can be, and the top is a separate single piece that is predrilled at each corner to be attached with the four included screws (however, there is nothing at all preventing you from using glue, epoxy or even rivets to permanently attach the lid; once you purchase a project box from Circuit Specialists, it is yours to do with as you please as long as you don't contravene any local laws or regulations.)

While our project boxes are extremely sturdy, they are also easily modified for any number of eventualities including ventilation, protruding buttons or antennae, infrared receivers, knobs, displays, even power or signal input and output jacks. Perhaps you might peruse the article that explains how to weld plastic with a soldering iron over on the Circuit Specialists blog and gain some insight into the fascinating world of putting things into plastic project boxes!

In short, if you have any manner of electronic or mechanical project that can possibly be contained by ABS plastic that provides approximately 50 cubic inches of sealed space, our PB-4P project box is exactly what you need. "What if", you may be asking yourself after learning about the endless uses of our plastic project boxes, "What if my project requires 60 or 70 cubic inches of enclosed, protected space?" The answer should be obvious: buy two. We offer volume discounts!

Circuit Specialists PB-4P Project Box Specifications

  • Outside Dimensions:
    • 6" (L) x 4" (W) x 2.1" (H)
    • 152.4mm(L) x 101.6mm(W) x 53.34mm(H)
  • Inside Dimensions:
    • 5.7" (L) x 3.7" (W) x 2.04" (H)
    • 145mm (L) x 94mm (W) x 52mm (H)
  • The included lids is made of the same ABS material of the same thickness and predrilled for screws at each corner
  • Each unit is supplied with exactly four screws

Helpful Links

The uses for a simple project box are nearly endless, check out the Circuit Specialists blog and see how we adapted our 6 inch project box to a novel use.


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