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15V Powered Solderless Breadboard Kit for Prototyping - PBB-272B


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5-15V and 1.0 Amp Powered Breadboard Kit with Dual LED Voltage Displays

Check out the new and improved PBB-272C Powered Breadboard

Take your prototyping to the next level with a powered solderless breadboard with onboard voltmeters!

With two Light Emiting Diode Displays (LED's) to conveniently show the 0-15 positive and 0-15 negative outputs!

The PBB-272B, a new and improved verson of our venerable PBB-272A, provides the user with a quick and efficient system for breadboarding electronic circuits. This powered solderless breadboarding system comes with three regulated power supplies along with a deluxe, easy-to-use breadboard. Two LED panel meters conveniently show the 0-15 positive and 0-15 negative outputs.

With over 1800 separate contact points and built in terminals for distribution of its 15 volts of onboard power, the PBB-272B powered breadboard workstation is a great hands on way to learn circuit design and construction. The addition of adjustable positive or negative 15 volt power and positive 5 volts of power at 1 amp, this electronic breadboard kit is everything you need to design, prototype and test and number of projects. Power levels are conveniently displayed on dual LED panel meters and the whole board is safeguarded by a 1 amp internal fuse.

  1. 0 to +15 VDC Adjustment Control
  2. 0 to -15 VDC Adjustment Control
  3. 0 to +15 VDC LED Display
  4. 0 to -15 VDC LED Display
  5. Power On/Off Switch (on the side)
  6. AC Input Voltage Connector (on the side)
  7. Banana Plug (red) 0 to +15 VDC Variable
  8. Banana Plug (green) Ground Connector
  9. Banana Plug (red) 0 to +15 VDC Variable
  10. Banana Plug (red) +5 VDC Fixed Output
  11. Tie Points x 2420

PBB-272B Powered Solderless Breadboard Kit Specifications

  • Rated at 5~15V @ 1 AMP Full load for one hour continuous operation.
  • 5 Distribution Strips (500 tie points)
  • 3 Terminal Strips (1890 tie points)
  • 4 Binding Posts
  • One Ground
  • One 5VDC (1 AMP) Constant Power
  • One 0 to +15VDC (500mA) Variable Power
  • One 0 to -15VDC (500mA) Variable Power
  • Input voltage: 110V AC 60Hz
  • Dimensions (mm): 85 x 196 x 257
  • Weight (approx.) 2.3kg, 5lbs.

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