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Nylon P12 Natural - RLH-P12-NT001


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Nylon P12 Natural Color

Nylon 12 (also known as PA12) filament is an incredibly versatile material for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing – a stronger and more durable alternative to ABS and PLA. With very high inter-layer adhesion, nylon lends itself well to things like living hinges and other flexible parts. Its high melting temperature and low friction coefficient makes Nylon 12 an excellent choice for working prototypes and end use parts.

Nylon 12 remains flexible when printed thin but is strong enough to hold its form over a wide range of temperatures. A popular choice for a wide range of industries, including medical, dental, food processing and robotics. Light in weight compared to most plastics with very low shrinkage, Nylon 12 parts typically don’t scratch or break and you will obtain a smooth, nylon slippery surface look straight off the printer.

Each reel is sealed in a reusable zip lock bag with a sachet of silica gel to control moisture. The bag is then placed in a sturdy windowed box for shipping.

You may find it easier to load the material using a short piece of bowden tube inserted into the feed tube, this prevents this flexible filament from bunching as it enters the filament path. Extra tube link.

Included on the reel is an EEPROM which can be read by a Robox® device. The EEPROM stores data on the material and statistics of use.

  • Filament diameter 1.75mm
  • Length (metres approx.) 120
  • Weight (grams approx.) 300
  • Compatibility Compatible with any printer which accepts 1.75mm filament. The eeprom requires a reader which is fitted to all Robox® units.


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