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Siglent SHS820X 200MHz 2CH Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

by Siglent
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Manuals, Datasheets, and Other Documents

The new Siglent SHS820X is a powerful 200MHz 2-channel digital oscilloscope, delivering benchtop oscilloscope performance and a high-precision multimeter all in one compact, portable device.

With a robust, rugged design and excellent battery life, this oscilloscope is perfect for both lab environments and working on service and support cases in the field.

Record Length of up to 12 Mpts

Using hardware-based Zoom technologies and max record length up to 12 Mpts, users can oversample to capture for longer periods at higher resolution and use the zoom feature to see more details within each signal.

Waveform Capture Rate up to 400,000 wfm/s

With a waveform capture rate of up to 400,000 wfm/s (sequence mode), the oscilloscope can easily capture unusual or low-probability events.

256-Level Intensity Grading and Color Temperature Display

SPO display technology provides fast refresh rates. The resulting intensity-graded trace is brighter for events that occur with more frequency and dims when the events occur with less frequency.

Serial Bus Decoding Function

The Siglent SHS820X displays the decoding through the events list. Bus protocol information can be quickly and intuitively displayed in a tabular format.

History Waveforms (History) Mode and Segmented Acquisition (Sequence)

Playback the latest triggered events using the history function. Segmented memory collection will store trigger events into multiple (Up to 80,000) memory segments, each segment will store triggered waveforms and timestamps for each frame.

True measurement to 12 M points

As part of the SHS800X series, the SHS820X can measure all sampled data points up to 12 Mpts. This ensures the accuracy of measurements while the math co-processor decreases measurement time and increases ease-of-use.

Gate and Zoom Measurement

Through Gate and Zoom measurement, the user can specify an arbitrary interval of waveform data analysis and statistics. This helps avoid measurement errors that can be caused by invalid or extraneous data, greatly enhancing the measurements’ validity and flexibility.

1M points used to calculate the FFT

The new math co-processor enables FFT analysis of incoming signals using up to 1 M samples per waveform. This provides high-frequency resolution with a fast refresh rate. The FFT function also supports a variety of window functions so that it can adapt to different spectrum measurement needs. Support Peaks, Markers, a variety of numbers.

Customizable Default Key

The current parameters of the oscilloscope can be preset to Default Key through the Save menu.

Search and Navigate

The SHS800X/SHS1000X series can search events specified by the user in a frame. It can also navigate by time (delay position) and historical frames.

6000 Counts Digital Multimeter

6000 count digital multimeter featured function of DCV, true RMS ACV, DCI, ACI, Diode, Resistance, Capacitance, and Continuity.

Sample Logger

The Sample Logger is the mode of logging the sampling points for a long time. For there are many sampling points to log, they are logged into the internal flash or external U disk in real-time. After stopping logging, the user can recall the sampling points on the oscilloscope, or analyze the saved data on the computer.

Measurement Logger

The measurement Logger is the mode of logging the measurement value for a long time. For the amount of measurement data is relatively small, to process quickly, the data is logged in memory. After stopping logging, the data can be saved into the internal flash or external U disk.


SHS800X/SHS1000X supports adapter power supply and battery power supply. After connecting the adapter, the battery enters into charging mode. The adapter provides a maximum 4 A output current.

SHS800X/SHS1000X uses a UL2054 certified lithium battery package. The battery capacity of 6900 mAh can guarantee long-term operation without an external power supply for up-to 5.5 hours (SHS800X) and 4 hours (SHS1000X). The battery supports an external charger to further meet the requirements of portability

Bandwidth 200 MHz
Sample rate (Max.) Two-channel share a single 1 GSa/s ADC. When two channels are enabled, each channel has a maximum sample rate of 500 MSa/s.When a single channel is active, that channel has a sample rate of 1 GSa/s
Channels 2 analog oscilloscope channels, 1 multimeter channel
Memory depth (Max.) 6 Mpts/CH (dual-channel mode) 12 Mpts/CH (single channel mode)
Waveform capture rate (Max.) 100,000 wfm/s (normal mode), 400,000 wfm/s (sequence mode)
Trigger type Edge, Slope, Pulse Width, Window, Runt, Interval, Dropout, Pattern, Video
Serial Trigger and decoder IIC, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN
Data Logger(Recorder) Sample Logger. The Max sample rate is 25 kSa/s, the Min sample rate is 1 Sa/sMeasurement Logger. The Max interval is 10 minutes, the Min interval is 0.1second. The Max items of logging is 4
I/O USB Host, USB Device
Max input Voltage (Scope) CAT II 300 Vrms Between BNC Signal and Protecting EarthCAT II 30 Vrms Between BNC GND and Protecting EarthCAT II 300 Vrms Between BNC Signal and BNC GND
Max input Voltage (Meter) CAT III 300 Vrms Between BNC Signal and BNC GND
Probe PP215
Display 5.6-inch TFT-LCD (640x480)
Weight Without package 1.75 kg. With package 3.5 kg

About Siglent

Siglent Technologies is an international manufacturer of cutting-edge, high-performance electronic test and measurement equipment. Their offerings include waveform generators, vector network & spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, and other testbench essentials. 

As a global leader in engineering and manufacturing, Siglent leverages its expertise in research and development to design products with groundbreaking technological innovations and rigorous quality control standards. Siglent holds ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications, reflecting a dedication to both environmental responsibility and product quality.

Along with an unwavering commitment to quality, the company provides exceptional customer service and offers a 3 year warranty on most products, a plethora of documentation, and US-based customer support with quick turnaround times.

Visit our Siglent manufacturer page to learn more about Siglent or browse their selection of products.


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