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Hantek 80MHz PC Based USB Oscilloscope

by Hantek
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Manuals, Datasheets, and Other Documents

Hantek 80MHz PC Based USB Oscilloscope

Turn your Windows based computer into a powerful 80Mhz two channel digital oscilloscope with 23 measurement functions and PASS/FAIL check. Using the PC's USB port for data communications between the included hardware & software to create the oscilloscope display on the PC's monitor allowing you to preform functions the same as on a standard oscilloscope. The unit ships with 2 x1x10 probes, software CD, users’ manual and USB cable.

  • Compatibilie with Win98/NT/ME/XP/VISTA and Windows 7
  • Is USB connected: Uses USB and supports plug 'n play, with 12Mbp communication speed. (Probes & USB cable included.)
  • Best performance for your dollar: These units have many features that are comparable to the high speed stand-alone DSOs. But costs a fraction of the price.
  • Can save waveform data in the following formats: .txt .jpg .bmp & MS excel/word.
  • 250MSa/S real time sampling rate in single channel mode (75MSa/S per channel while in dual channel mode

Hantek 80MHz PC Based USB Oscilloscope Specifications:

  • Number of Channells: 2
  • Impedance: 1MΩ 25pf
  • Coupling: AC/DC/Ground
  • Vert. Res.: 8 Bits per channel
  • Gain: 10 milliVolt to 5 Volts in 9 Steps
  • DC accuracy: ±3%
  • Timebase: 4 nano Seconds ~ 1 Hour in 38 Steps
  • Adj. Vertical Scale: 10 millivolts/div to 5 V/div (x1 probe setting)
  • Input Protection: Diode Clamped input protection
  • X-Y capability: Included
  • Autoset Feature: Included, (30 Hz to 50 MHz)
  • Ext Input: Included
  • Trigger Mode: Automatic, Manual, and Single
  • Trigger Slope: plus/minus
  • Adj. Trigger Level: Included
  • Trigger Types: Rising Edge and Falling Edge
  • Trigger Source: Channel 1, Channel 2 & External
  • Pre-Post Trigger: selectable, 0 to 100%
  • Buffer: 10KB to 64KB per Channel
  • Shot Bandwidth: DC ~ 80 MHz
  • Sample Rate (Max): (1 Ch)150MSa/second /(2 Ch) 75MSa/sec
  • Sampling Selection: Included
  • Waveform Display: Intensity,Port/Line, Persistence, Waveform Average,
  • Network: Open/Close
  • Vertical Mode: Ch2, CH2, Dual, Add
  • Cursor Measurement: Included
  • Math: Fast Fourier Transformantion (FFT), Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
  • Bandwidth: 80 MHz
  • Cursor: Freq and Volt
  • Data Samples: 10 KiloByte to 32 KiloByte per Channel
  • Size: 7.5" x 4" x1.4

Users Manual

Here are the software, driver, and SDK files for the HANTEK6082BE.

Check out this blog post for runing the Unsigned Drivers in Windows 10 64 Bit


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