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Protek A734 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 100KHz TO 4.4GHz

Item no. A734
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Protek A734 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 100KHz TO 4.4GHz

Item no. A734
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Protek Handheld Spectrum Analyzer 100KHz~4.4GHz

The Protek A734 handheld spectrum analyzer has been optimized for the convenience of mobility with lightweight (<2Kg), 5.7 inch sunlight readable LCD, long battery life (> 8 hours) and smart battery indicator. 

Comparable DANL (Displayed Average Noise Level) enables users to detect more accurately low level of signals and additional features such as phase noise measurement, audio listen, and zero span options, will lead users to take advantage of Protek A734 in more field applications than other spectrum analyzers.


  • Frequency Range : 100kHz ~ 4.4GHz
  • Zero Span
  • Minimum Span : 600Hz
  • Smart Battery Indicator
  • Modern Connectivity (USB, LAN)
  • Audio Listen
  • 5.7 inch TFT Sun-light Readable Screen


        • Frequency 
          • Range: 100 kHz to 4.4GHz
          • Span Mode: Center Freq + Span or Start Freq + Stop Freq, ZERO Span
          • Span: ZERO Span, 600 Hz ~ 4.4 GHz
          • Minimum Span: 600 Hz
          • Internal Frequency Reference Accuracy: ±1PPM
          • Frequency Readout Accuracy: ±1PPM
          • Marker Accuracy: ±1PPM
          • RBW: 0.1Hz to 240KHz & 5MHz (0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.6, 3.2, 6,5, 13, 25, 50, 100~)
        • Amplitude
          • Measurement Range: DANL ~ 1dB Gain Compression
            1dB Gain Compression(attenuator 15dB, preamp off
            +16dBm Typical, 1Hz to 150MHz
            19dBm Typical, 150MHz to 4.4GHz
          • DANL - Displayed Average Noide Level : odB ATT, 1Hz RBW
            FREQ+ Preamp ON Preamp OFF
            10Hz -124dBm NA
            100Hz to 10KHz -130dBm NA
            10KHz to 500KHz -142dBm NA
            500KHz to 10MHz -142dBm -153 dBm
            10MHz to 100MHz -148dBm 161dBm
            100MHz to 1GHz -144dBm -158dBM
            1GHz to 2.6GHz -139dBm 151dBm
            2.6GHz to 3.3GHz -135dBm -151dBm
            3.3GHz to 4.4GHz -128dBm -134dBm
          • Amplitude unit dBm, dBmV, Watt, V
          • Absolute Accuracy (ref level < odBm) ±1.5dB Typical
          • Absolute Accuracy ( odBm< ref level < 10dBm) ±1.5dB
          • Relative Accuracy (ref level < odBm) ±0.25
          • Maximum Safe Input Level (preamp off, 15dB att) ±20dBm
          • DC Volt ±0.2V max
        • Sweep 
          • Zero Span Sweep Time 10 ms to 2 sec ( ±0.1%) All other sweep times are estimates reported after sweep completes
          • Sweep Triger freerun, single, external
          • External Trigger 3.3V CMOS/TTL input
        • Display
          • TRACE 3 Trace
          • DETECTOR min, max, sample, avg (power, voltage, log)
          • Marker 5 Marker
          • Marker function peak, next peak, center=marker frequency
          • Audio Demodulation AM & FM
          • Type 5.7" Color TFT-LCD 640*480 pixels
          • Display Resolution 640*480 pixels
          • Feature Sunlight Readable
          • Keypad Back Light ON/OFF
        • Input 
          • RF Connector RF Signal IN, N type Female 50OHM
          • BNC Exernal Timebase 10MHz in, BNC type Female
          • BNC Share Self test, Sync out, Sweep Trigger IN, BNC type Female
        • General Spec 
          • Operating Environment -10°C to 50°C < 95%
          • Humidity < 95%
          • Storage Temperature -20°C to +60°C
        • Power 
          • Power source Li-ion Rechargeable Battery 6Cell(normal 7.4V / 7800mA)
          • Power Adaptor AC-DC Adaptor DC 12V/3.5A
          • External DC
        • Dimension 
          • Size 160(W) X 263(H) 61(D) mm
          • Weight 1.6 Kg
        • Other 
          • Speacker 0.5W 8ohm Speaker 1Ch
          • AF out 
          • Interface Storage (USB port), LAN (RJ-45 Port)


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