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WB-106-1+J Solderless Breadboard with Jumpers

Item no. WB-106+J

WB-106-1+J Solderless Breadboard with Jumpers

Item no. WB-106+J
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WB-106+J Solderless Prototyping Breadboard Kit with Integrated Groundplane

We've sharpened our pencils and done the math to reduce the cost of our breadboard kits.

This breadboard provides a working area of 6.875" x 5.75" which offers more than 2000 separate contacts. It includes color coordinated contact points printed on the rugged ABS material to make component placement easier & faster. Our WB-106 prototyping breadboard is a great hands on way to learn circuit design. It features built in bus strips for power distribution and has an integrated aluminum ground plane. Just plug in your components & wire everything up with the supplied jumper wires. The jumper wires come in various lengths and are pre cut & preformed and ready to go. The WB-106+J breadboard kit is a very popular item for hobbyists and students of all skill levels for prototyping and educational use.

WB-106+J Breadboard Kit Specifications

  • Five (5) distribution strips
  • Three (3) terminal strips
  • Four (4) binding posts
  • Over 2000 total contact points
  • Board dimensions: 6.875" x 5.75"
  • Integrated anodized aluminum ground plane
  • Rugged ABS plastic material
  • Reusable hundreds of times
  • Precut & preformed jumper wires included
  • Color coordinates printed on the face for easier component placement
  • Spring clips are phosphor bronze nickel plated
  • Jumper wires may be from 20 awg to 29 awg
  • Up to 300 volts and 5 amps

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