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Digital/Analog Trainer (Basic Unit)

Item no. XK-550

Digital/Analog Trainer (Basic Unit)

Item no. XK-550
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Digital/Analog Trainer (Basic Unit)

(Tools, DMM & Components Not Included)

(These units were used by previous students who may have written their names on the trainer and they are being offered `AS-IS'. These units are owned by Circuit Specialists and have been tested by our engineering team.)

The XK-550's advanced design Digital/Analog Trainer is specially designed for school projects. It is built on a single PC board for maximum reliability. It includes 5 built-in power supplies, a function generator with continuously variable sine, triangular & square wave forms. All power supplies are regulated & protected against shorts. This trainer is built into a rugged blow molded organizer case that opens & closes with latches. This allows each student to easily & safely transport the XK-550 to & from classes. We offer it as a stand alone unit or with the tools & meter (as pictured). The tools are those most commonly used in the education field. 

Power Supply Section:

XK-550 has five built-in power supplies which will satisfy most design needs. This includes two variable power supplies giving up to +20 volts and -20 volts @ .5 amps. Below 15V and current available is over 1 amp. Three fixed power supplies provide +12VDC,-12VDC, or +5VDC @ 1 amp each. These fixed voltages are the most commonly used voltages for design work. All supplies are regulated to within 150mV. This means you can increase the current draw from no load to .5 amp & the voltage will change less than 150 millivolts. All power supplies are also short circuit protected by using integrated circuit regulator devices.

Analog Trainer Section-Function Generator:

The analog trainer contains a complete function generator capable of producing sine, square and triangle waveform. The frequency of this generator is continuously variable from one hertz to over 100,000 hertz in five steps. A fine tuning control makes selection of any frequency easy. The output voltage amplitude is variable between 0 to 15Vpp. The output impedance is approximately 330 ohms.

Digital Trainer Section:

The digital trainer has the necessary functions to do your digital designs. two no bounce logic switches, 8 LED indicator lamps & 8 data switches. These functions will make it easy to do your digital experiments.

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