Best Benchtop Power Supply for Hobbyists

In this blog post, we will introduce the best benchtop power supply for a hobbyist.  Circuit Specialists has a wide array of benchtop power supplies that suitable for many applications ranging from DIY to professional grade.  However, many professional grade power supplies have features that are not necessary for most hobby projects (take the CSI12003X for example.)  Therefore, in this blog we will talk about the best benchtop power supply for hobbyist projects. We will list three different bench top power supplies, compare their specifications, and argue the most suitable for hobbyist applications.


The CSI305DB Benchtop Power Supply

CSI305DB benchtop power supply

The CSI305DB is a programmable linear power supply.  Currents are adjustable and can be set between 0-30 volts and 0-5 amps.  The CSI305DB is designed for involved applications, ranging from computer and laptop repair, to academic research, to product development. However, the price of the CSI305DB is unbeatable.  At its regular price of $122.50, and its many features making it suitable for research and product development applications, the CSI305DB is a great benchtop power supply for any hobbyist.

CSI305DB Features and Specifications

Input Rated voltage is AC 110V ± 10% 60Hz
Output Voltage: 0-30V

Current: 0-5A

Power: 150W

Display 4-digit display that displays voltage and current values
Additional Features Adjustable current protection knobs and built with SMT (Surface Mount Technology) manufacturing

The CSI5003XE Benchtop Power Supply


CSI5003XE benchtop power supply

The CSI5003XE is one of the most affordable bench top power supplies on the market.  For only $64.50, it is a fully regulated benchtop linear 50V, 3A linear power supply and is capable of adjustable current limiting.  The output voltage and current of the CSI5003XE is suitable for many hobbyist projects.

CSI5003XE Features and Specifications

Input Rated voltage is AC 110V ± 10%
Output Voltage: 0-50V DC

Current: 0-3A

Display LED display shows current and voltage
Additional Features Comes with a cooling fan

The CSI12001X Benchtop Power Supply


CSI12001X benchtop power supply

The CSI12001X is not only a staggeringly powerful 120V, 1A DC power supply with adjustable current limiting, it is affordable as well: costing only $129.00.  Making the CSI12001X an ideal power supply where 120V operation is needed. The CSI12001X is manufactured by Circuit Specialists, and is comparable to many name brand models at half the cost.

CSI12001X Features and Specifications

Input Rated voltage is
Output Voltage: 0-120V DC

Current: 0-1A

Display LCD display shows both voltage and current
Additional Features Includes a banana to alligator and a spade to open end cable


Best Benchtop Power Supply for Hobbyists:

Due to its affordable cost, and having an output voltage of up to 120V DC, the CSI12001X is the best benchtop power supply for hobbyists.  This is because, since the CSI12001X is manufactured by Circuit Specialists, it is a fraction of the cost of power supplies capable of producing such a high output voltage. Take for example this benchtop power supply.  Making the CSI12001X the best power supply on the market within a hobbyist’s budget.

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