13 Best Arduino Projects

Arduino is one of the most commonly used microcontrollers by hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers. Its simplicity makes it easier for non-engineers to build their own projects with just a few lines of code. Professionals highly recommend it to students and beginners who do not know a lot of coding and programming languages because it is less costly and more accessible in the market. 

That being said, we have compiled a few interesting projects that you can do with your Arduino board. This would help you kick start your journey in learning more about circuit boards, microcontrollers, hobbyists development boards, and many more. 

Table of Content
  • Fingerprint door lock
  • Laser Tripwire Alarm
  • Wristwatch Walkie Talkie
  • Lie Detector
  • RFID Door Lock
  • World Clock
  • Social Distancing Sensor
  • Zoom Control Box
  • Digital Chessboard
  • Parking Assistant
  • Coin Sorting Machine
  • Musical Instrument
  • Smoke Detector

Let’s get started!

Fingerprint Door Lock

Forget your keys again? Ever wish you can just simply unlock your door by scanning your fingerprint? If so, then this Arduino project is the perfect device for you.

Gone are the days when only the rich can afford biometrics door locks. Nowadays, you can create your fingerprint door lock without spending a fortune. 

Other than your Arduino Uno, you just need to purchase a few things like a fingerprint sensor to accomplish this project. It is an easy device to make at home. More so, you no longer have to write your own code because you can just easily download the library from Github. Several do-it-yourselfers have already tried and successfully did this project many times. So you can just simply browse the web for step-by-step guides or instructional videos. 

You would not have to worry about forgetting your keys again!

Laser Tripwire Alarm

If you watched any action movies in your lifetime, then chances are you might already be familiar with this project. In any heist or spy movie, there is always a scene where the actor has to pass through several laser security systems. 

Turns out, you can also have that type of laser security system with just a few bucks. You can either put it inside your house to prevent break-ins or in your backyard to avoid squirrels and any animals from ruining your lawn. 

It is a fun and simple project to make for all beginners out there. And once you completed the project, you can still customize it and add other security features. For instance, you can set up a passcode so that you would be the only one who can stop the alarm. Adding a passcode would make this laser security system more secure. Furthermore, you can complete the project using one of our project enclosures.

Wristwatch Walkie Talkie

This project is like the cool and upgraded version of a walkie-talkie. Rather than carrying a hand-held transceiver, you can now wear it instead.

Aside from being a perfect gift for your kids, you can also use this walkie-talkie with your friends. If you are planning to hike up the mountains with your friends and family, then this wearable device would surely come in handy. 

Since this is a two-way radio transceiver, you need an Arduino board for each wristwatch. The Arduino Compatible Uno R4 Plus is the perfect board to use because of its size and dimension. You also need a great construction base since you would be wearing this device. Thankfully, there is a mini breadboard already available in the market that would perfectly fit in your wristwatch.

Without a doubt, your kids would be impressed with this gift and you can even use it to play with them. Or, if that is not the case and you are just a kid at heart, then you can use this to emulate and play like the Power Rangers with your friends. 

Lie Detector

A polygraph machine or a lie detector is a great party game that would surely impress your friends. Even though all lie detectors are not fully accurate, there is still some sense of truth and honesty in this device. This DIY project can read anyone’s skin conductance response based on how they feel. That being said, it is a great party trick because you can read your or your friends’ feelings and emotions. 

Before buying any Arduino board for this project, you have to take into account that you need to send the computer the data in order to effectively read it. So in that case, your Arduino board has to have a serial communication chip. You can take a look at

To make this project a lot easier to accomplish, a good rule of thumb is to pick an Arduino board that already has a USB communication chip. This way, you would not have a hard time downloading more libraries and buying additional materials, cords, cables, etc. 

RFID Door Lock

As you might already know, RFID door locks are usually used in hotels. Rather than turning your keys in the doorknob, you can just unlock any door with a single swipe or tap of a card. 

Aside from the biometrics door lock that we have mentioned before, you can also make an RFID security system with your Arduino board.

Since this project is really easy and cheap to make, several do-it-yourselfers already tried this successfully before. This project is well-documented by hobbyists so a quick Google search about the instructions would simply do the trick. 

Most hobbyists recommend using any Arduino Uno model like the Arduino Compatible Uno R4 Plus or the Arduino UNO R3 Microcontroller Board. Since this is a DIY project, you can also customize or even make your RFID card even smaller. 

So no more fumbling with your keys anymore! You can now just tap your card to unlock your front door. 

World Clock

If you have friends, family, and colleagues abroad, then this project is a great addition to your home or office. Through this project, you can now check the time in other countries without opening your phone and accessing the internet. 

This wall-mounted timepiece is a perfect fixture for any house or office. On top of that, it is a cheap and easy project to make. You do not need any complex programming or coding skills in order to successfully make this project. More so, you can just download the library online and just load it into your Arduino board. 

Since this is a timepiece display, you need to buy a digital display screen as well. Hobbyists who successfully finish this project recommend using Arduino Uno as well as Arduino Nano for better display and power source. 

For a more seamless and clean-looking project, you can also buy a solderless breadboard with jumpers to make the project a lot easier. 

Social Distancing Sensor

Physical distancing is now a necessary protective measure to prevent the spread of the virus. Made necessary by the ongoing pandemic, this project would surely come in handy if you are a business owner or you frequently go outside. This social distancing sensor would trigger an alarm if someone is sitting or standing too close to you. 

If you are running a business during this pandemic, then this device is a must-have in your store. You can prevent the spread of viruses by having this in your store and immediately alert your customers/employees if they are being too close with each other. 

This project is affordable and easy to make. Almost all the materials can be brought from any electronic store. Aside from your Arduino board, you just need a sensor, breadboard, jumpers, wires, and an LED. 

But if you want to, you can also add a sound alarm to make this device even more effective. 

Zoom Control Box

Since most of us are working from home, Zoom and other conference calls have now become part of our everyday life. Whether you are a meeting host or just an attendee, things have become quite hectic, and meeting with your colleagues has never been more stressful. 

That being said, professionals and hobbyists have come up with several fun ways to make Zoom calls more convenient. It might seem like an extra step from just clicking join or end call-in your computer screen, but it has been proven to make you more productive and effective in work. 

Some suggest using Arduino Pro Micro for this project but other cheaper models of Arduino like Arduino UNO R3 will work just fine. You just need to download the libraries online for the code. Given that several people have already tried this project, searching and downloading the code for this project is not that difficult. 

Digital Chessboard

Want to practice your queen’s gambit opening? Or just simply polish your skills in chess? Then, you should really consider making your own digital chessboard. 

Apart from your love of doing DIY projects, you can also make something that would benefit you. This project would not just help you polish your skills in chess but would also let you put into practice your knowledge in programming. Since chess is a calculative game, you need to be able to know algorithms, programming, and coding to accomplish this project. 

For this project, most hobbyists recommend Arduino Compatible Mega 2560 because it is more convenient and it has an operative memory, unlike other Arduino models. Since this is a digital chessboard, you also need to purchase a digital display screen to make this project work. 

To fully simulate an actual chess game, you can also include a buzzer and timer. Although this project would require a lot of work, it is still worth it in the end. Furthermore, you can complete the project using one of our project enclosures.

Parking Assistant

Best Arduino Projects

Parking is always the hardest part of driving. Since your view from the driver seat is limited, it is often difficult to know if you are parking a little bit too far in or out of the garage. With the help of this device, you would be able to park your car in the best position possible.

Apart from your Arduino board, the other materials are also cheap and accessible. In addition, you can also get the Arduino Basics Starter Kit that includes everything that you would need. As for the library, you just need to download it online and load it into your Arduino IDE. Several people have already attempted to do this so the code is not that difficult to find. 

Coin Sorting Machine

If you are currently running a business, then you might want to consider adding a coin sorting machine. Aside from the usual cash register, this machine is perfect for retail and service businesses that welcome several customers every day. 

Since employees can be overwhelmed with a lot of customers, they sometimes have a hard time differentiating coins, especially if they are working in a fast environment like retail. That being said, this coin sorting machine would make their job a lot easier. 

Best Arduino Projects

Professionals and hobbyists commonly use the Arduino Uno model for this project. They especially recommend this model for processing data and showing the count value of the coins. To create the divider, you can simply use cardboard just like the one above or you can use acrylic plastic for sturdiness as well as a better finish. 

Musical Instrument

As with any microcontroller and development board, you can also create a number of instruments in your Arduino board.

If you browse through several forums online, you would find that a lot of people have already created a variety of musical instruments with their Arduino boards. One of the most interesting musical instrument projects is the Theremin. It is an early electronic musical instrument created in the early 1900s. 

Best Arduino Projects

Since this is not a touch instrument, you would need to buy an ultrasonic sensor. Nevertheless, the theremin is an easy-to-build musical instrument that does not necessarily require in-depth knowledge in several programming languages. 

Smoke Detector

Best Arduino Projects

This is one of the most recommended projects for Arduino boards. Since smoke detectors are often costly, building this project for your home would save you a lot of money. 

Aside from your Arduino board, you also need a smoke detection sensor and a buzzer to accomplish this project. Some hobbyists also recommend using an Arduino Compatible Gas Sensor like the AGAS-0 Arduino compatible MQ-3 alcohol gas sensor module for Schematics. 


Hopefully, we managed to cover a few projects that spark your interest. All in all, the projects below are just some of the most common and popular Arduino projects already done before. 

If you think you have a better project in mind, then be sure to check out our Electronic Kits & Development section to get all the supplies you need!

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