Special Bundle offers for Circuit Specialists 50th Anniversary

Time flies when you do what you love! Circuit Specialists has been serving the Valley for 50 years, providing professionals and hobbyists alike with components for their projects. We want to celebrate this special event by providing our loyal customers with a value bundle for a limited time only.  

Arduino Beginner Bundle value at $75

Part list:

  • Arduino Mega 
  • WB-108+J, Solderless Breadboard with Jumpers
  • USB-MALE-A-TO-B, USB Cable A to B
  • TA20-11EWA,  5×7 Dot Matrix LED Array

Project Idea: LED Matrix Controller Using Arduino Mega. An LED matrix is essentially many LEDs packaged in a dot grid format in order to produce pictures or large text.

You can check out this article for more information about the project. 

Beginner Soldering Bundle value at $67

Part list:

  • CSILED45, 70 Watt Soldering Iron with LED Lighting
  • BK486 Solder Fume Extractor
  • ZD11E, Simple Circuit Board Clamp Holder
  • ZD151, 6 Piece Solder Aid Kit
  • TY-98, Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner with Stand

At Circuit Specialists, we have many soldering stations and the best budget soldering iron 70 watts, CSILED45 is one of our best beginner soldering sets. The set comes with everything you need to start soldering; a solder tube, an extra soldering tip, and a solder iron holder. We also include the Circuit Board Clamp (ZD11E) which improves soldering by providing stability during the process. Furthermore, the (ZD151) 6 Piece Solder Aid Kit will help you get out of hot and sticky situations. Finally, it is very important to clean the soldering tip for a good solder and keep the tip from breaking down. For that very reason, we include the TY-98 for cleaning and maintenance of the soldering tips.     

Power Supply Starter Bundle value at $60

Part list:

  • CSI1501
  • 3782-36-2
  • 3782-36-0
  • A-1087BLACK-50CM
  • A-1087RED-50CM

With any project, whether it be from software engineering to an electronic hobbyist, you need to start with a good power source. There is nothing wrong with using a battery as your power source when you want to make your project portable. However, during development, you want the voltage to be stable and consistent over a long period of time. The CSI1501 is the best budget power supply unit for a starting point, the unit has 5V or 15V mode. When under 5V mode, the operator has more control over the output voltage for more voltage-specific applications such as calibrating sensors. When under 15V mode, the operator can use the power supply to test basic circuit theory, or power a large LED system. This power supply can provide up to 1A of peak current or, 800 mA continuous current. That is the reason why we include the Minigrabber test clip as it is perfect for grasping onto components in a tight area. We also include the 2 banana to banana test leads so you can connect to a breadboard. 

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