Hantek Oscilloscopes & Test Equipment



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Hantek Oscilloscopes & Test Equipment

Browse our selection of affordable, feature-loaded Hantek oscilloscopes and other cutting-edge Hantek test equipment.  Our selection of Hantek benchtop, handheld, and digital storage USB oscilloscopes include units with built-in 6,000-count digital multimeters and arbitrary waveform generators. 

These digital oscilloscopes have remarkably fast sample rates and extra memory for improved observation of waveform details. Many of these Hantek oscilloscopes have seven-inch TFT LCD displays—which are vivid and easy to read—and intuitive Windows-style interfaces and menus.

About Hantek

Hantek is an industry-leading manufacturer of oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, and other test equipment. Based in China, Hantek is known worldwide for the exceptional quality and ingenuity of its products. 

The company is best known for its incredibly efficient and convenient USB oscilloscopes, which the Hantek founders began developing in 1999 and later released in 2001. By eliminating the need for a power supply and a built-in interface, Hantek revolutionized oscilloscopes and test equipment, making them more lightweight, portable, and powerful than ever before. 

From upping bandwidth capabilities to adding WIFI connectivity, Hantek continues to innovate its products over 20 years later. 

Best-Selling Hantek Oscilloscopes

Hantek 2D72 - 70MHz Handheld Digital Oscilloscope with Multimeter

For those wanting a sleek, rugged oscilloscope they can take on the go, look no further than Hantek’s 2D72 70MHz handheld digital oscilloscope. The lightweight, compact device includes a waveform generator and multimeter, a colored LCD screen (that you can read in the sunlight!), and the capability to share data to your PC and phone!

Hantek DSO5102P - 100MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The Hantek DSO5102P is another sought-after Hantek oscilloscope. Along with Hantek’s signature USB connectivity, the compact oscilloscope boasts a 1000MHz bandwidth, 1GSa/s real-time sample rate, and 40k memory depth. At just under $300, the oscilloscope is a steal for those looking for those who will use the oscilloscope frequently and take advantage of its full capabilities.  

Hantek 6022BE - 20 MHz USB Oscilloscope for PC

Hantek’s 20 MHz USB oscilloscope for the PC is popular for both its affordability and minimalist (yet incredibly accurate) design. Portable and lightweight, this unit transforms your PC into a powerful 2-channel digital oscilloscope. It uses the USB port to communicate data to the oscilloscope software (included), and your PC monitor becomes the oscilloscope display.

Of course, this oscilloscope is not a great option for those who don’t want to use a computer to take readings or who want a bit more mobility when taking measurements. 

Hantek 1008C - 8-Channel Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope

The Hantek 1008C is a PC-based automotive oscilloscope that will turn your computer into a powerful diagnostic tool. This system shows you what is really going on with an automobile’s electronic circuits. Despite its low cost (coming at just over $100!), the 8-channel oscilloscope is packed with features, allowing you to complete more than 20 types of automatic testing function and view analog signals of the crankshaft, camshaft, and more. 


Where is Hantek Made?

Hantek is based in the city of Qingdao High-tech Zone in China.

How do I update my Hantek firmware?

Because Hantek is constantly innovating and improving its products, from time to time you may need to update your firmware. 

To update your Hantek firmware, visit Hantek’s website and select Download from the top navigation. From the Download page, use the search bar to type in the model number of the product that needs to be updated. 

Keep in mind that the search results might not show the exact model number, but instead the series number the product is a part of. For example, the Hantek 27D2 oscilloscope will bring up the result “Hantek2000 Firmware” because the 27D2 is part of this series.

When you find the correct firmware, click the cloud download icon to download the firmware. From there, the installation process may vary depending on your Hantek oscilloscope. For best results, follow the instructions for updating the software that are found in the product manual. 

Visit the Circuit Specialists product details page to download the manual or go to the same Download page on Hantek’s website to search and find the correct manual.

If you’re still having issues, call Circuit Specialists for support!

Which Hantek oscilloscope is the best?

The Hantek 6022BE, which is a USB and PC-based oscilloscope, is one of the company’s most popular oscilloscopes on the market (it’s what made them famous, after all!). While popular, this doesn’t necessarily mean this oscilloscope or the rest of the Hantek 6002BE series are the best Hantek oscilloscopes. 

For example, when it comes to Hantek automotive oscilloscopes, the 8-channel Hantek 1008C oscilloscope is an excellent choice. For those wanting something a bit more rugged, portable, and multi-functional, we recommend the company’s best-selling Hantek 2D72, a handheld oscilloscope and multimeter all in one!